Someone on Ebay is at it again

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They must have copied JimZ's website. What a crock! and someone is paying $15.
Email the bidders and inform them that the 'intellectual material' is very likely stolen, and at any rate, is available for free

Give the bidders an excuse to cancel their bid

Give them the website where they can get the info directly

Maintain campaign, and put the seller out of business
Originally posted by Neil
OOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! There is a link you can click that says you can ask the seller a question! Howbout "did you copy this off Jim Zs web page, you jerk?":kill: :cool: :p
i tried to 'ask the seller a question', but you have to have a ebay account :rolleyes: :mad: I was going to 'ask' him a question (not exactly that tho)
but we can look on the positive side of things, Jim now knows how much the info on his site is worth!!!;)
He lists 142 rocket plans, and <B>COMPLETELY COINCIDENTALLY</B>, they're listed in the <b>precisely the same order</b> as the PDF's on JimZ's Estes page.
I emailed the seller so I'll see what responce I get.
lol... you guys ur just tooo much:D :D :D if i could i'd sure give that guy a piece of my mind tho:kill:
Reporting the auction to Ebay probably won't do much good. There was a similar auction a few months ago. I reported that one to Ebay. I got a reply back stating that only the copyright holder of the material can file a legitimate complaint. Since none of us hold the copyright to those plans, Ebay probably won't act.
And I told them how to get to JimZ's website for free.

And I invited them to TRF.
oh oh let me email him!!!

me and my buddys!

We'll make him an offer he cannot refuse!

I have also contacted Estes (Mary Roberts) on this...JimZ's site is a .org for information only...this guy is selling original copyrighted info!

Hey, this is a friendly group, we are a don't mess with the "Family".

Originally posted by powderburner
And I told them how to get to JimZ's website for free.

And I invited them to TRF.

Top bidder has retracted his bid!
I had also emailed the bidder. I just recieved this responce back...Larry

(" Thank you for your concern. Believe it or not, you are the fourth person to write me about this. I'm surprised at the response!

Anyway, I retracted my bid. Thanks again. The lesson has been learned.")
The message I sent was:

Steve, I am the one who emailed your bidders about your improper auction. It is obvious that the material you are attempting to sell (and profit from) has been taken from someone else's web site. Oh by the way, this material is copyrighted, and you violated that law 141 times.

JimZ was notified of your auction by someone else, in a completely separate communication, and had nothing to do with my notes to your bidders.
Originally posted by sandman
oh oh let me email him!!!

I have also contacted Estes (Mary Roberts) on this...JimZ's site is a .org for information only...this guy is selling original copyrighted info!


I'm curious...what was her response?
I'm curious...what was her response?

She thanked me and seemed a little PO'd about it...but was glad I alerted her to it.

Hey, you guyz rock!

Guess this guyz learnin a lesson 'bout messin with a bunch of guys that think it's fun to spend 12 hours or more a day, in the middle of an empty field, in 110 degree heat, and play with very flamable things.. We just ain't right in the head are we??

Thanks all,

Giv'em hell..

Someone should repeat what *I* did the last time we saw an auction like this...

...start up you OWN auction, with the SAME thing, only you LIST all of the URL sites where this inforamtion can be found for free. Even state that the info is freely given and NO compensation is needed.

worked for me. I even got a note from the original seller saying he didn't know that these free sites were common knowlege.

well, common or not, comeon.... LOL
Originally posted by Neil
promotions all around!;) I read way too much calvin and hobbes....
LLOOLL!! read C&H all the time! should we come up with a name like Get Rid of Stupid Sellers?? j/k
i just find it amusing that you read calvin all the time 2....

You grabbed the wrong Sopranos photo. This is the one you wanted.

See... we're everywhere!!!
THAT is just TOO funny!! I love the Sopranos!! I was born in northern NJ, and my Great Aunt still lives there. The show is esp funny to my Mom and I as we recognize many of the real life places where the scenes are shot.
LOL! What software do you guys use to do these things? I want to take a pic of a really big motor dryfireing with the flame going up (I believe there are a lot of those on the AT website), and a pic of me holding a hotdog on a reeeeeeeeeeeaaaaalllly long stick, and somehow make it look like I am cooking a hotdog over an N2000! now THAT is fast food!:cool:
Mystical connection to the cosmic muse, dancing to the music of the spheres, communing with the spirits of...

ah hell. I use Photoshop.
Emailed the seller and got told to be a good shepherd ( get the flock outa here) so I emailed the high bidder and am waiting to see what happens.
It sounds as if the seller is simply not going to become repentant for his misdeeds, accidental or intentional, if he is continuing to offer his little bit of thievery for sale?

Another way to game the ebay system: sign up for a new ident (it is free, but you will need a credit card to reference to prove your age) and slap a super-high bid on this item (no one would bid to $100 on this, would they?) and when you win, simply don't pay. They will put a big black mark next to your ebay ident, but hey, it was a throw-away ident anyway.