Someone has a virus!!!

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Feb 5, 2009
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Someone has a virus, probably someone that reads these forums. I am guessing that because the storm of returned email notices began in the last week. It was probably someone that ordered an SHX-15B. (I didn't infect anyone, it has just been using my email address as the supossed sender.) So everyone, please, get anti-virus software installed and use it!! A firewall is also an excellent idea and there is one free at

You'll make life easier for everyone!!

speaking of free...

If you need antivirus software, take a look at - nice little package, updated regularly and free to home users. I have ditched sophos and norton in favour of it.
AVG Anti-Virus is one of the top FREE anti-virus software , get it!
Not guilty i got antivirus, firewall popupstoppers, 3 spyware removers, in fact the only thing I aint got is a condom wrapped around this thing.
Au contraire - AVG sucks!

There are a number of packages that it screws with and it is ridiculously heavy on system resources!

That said - its all down to personal preference anyway

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