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Jan 19, 2009
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Well, have gotten a couple of LPR's built and ready to be painted this past couple of weeks! Shhhh! Don't tell anyone I have been doing this instead of working on my Wildman Jr, or Jim will get mad at me!:eek: :p

Anyways, what we have from left to right:
Neubauer Sky Dagger - very nice kit..tho I think I went a little over board on the filler and got a slight warp on the wing :eek: BTW this was kit #4 of 50

Red River Rocketry Starliner DST - another nice kit..Very cool..Can't really see the conical rear end where the fins attach..

Fliskits Adfecta - usual top shelf high quality parts! Yeah, the forward fins aren't on yet..I kept breaking them when I was cutting them out..Will have to give it another go with a little bit thinker balsa..

Thrustline Black Shadow #109! Very nice kit! I have a couple of 'vintage' Thrustline kits in the 'Kit Room' I need to dig out and build! :D

Oh, and yeah, the Wildman Jr!..LMBO Hope to have the paint on Tuesday! Wish me luck and low winds!..LOL

Paint Ready 001.jpg
And another one I finished building last night! :D

A Sunward Liberator! Very kewl! Didn't get the wrap 'perfect' but close enough...I opted to put the 24mm mount in it..went ahead and built the 18mm mount as well..Gives the option of BOTH 18 and 24mm flights! Think first flight will be on a C, then followed up with a single use 24mm D :D

Paint Ready 003.jpg
Nice job on the rockets.

I like the Liberator. I have a Sunward fighter kit in my build pile, might have to move it up after seening yours!
I hope you have better luck than I did painting my first winter build. It's a Quest Terrier-Orion that I used the new Krylon primer on about 2 weeks ago - sprayed the first coat of new Krylon white on this morning. On the areas where the primer wasn't sanded off as thin, it crazed. After 2+ weeks of curing, I'd think it was ready for the top coat. I'm done with Krylon. :mad:
Great looking rockets :) That adfecta will look awesome as will the others when finished :)
Thanks for the nice words! :) I got a total of 2 in primer before the winds kicked in hard today..Got the Sky Dagger and Starliner primed and then the wind kicked up to like 15mph with gusts of over 20mph!:mad: Had stepped out just as the winds started to shoot primer on the Black Shadow, didn't get a speck on the model, the stream made an almost perfect 90 degree bend from the can with all the wind! And the wind is still whipping around at 20+mph right now!!:eek:...Will try to get at least primer on the Black Shadow tomorrow before I head to work..If the winds calm down...
I'm really bummed Sunward quit producing the fighter kits. I have to get a Liberator before there is no more to get.
I'm really bummed Sunward quit producing the fighter kits. I have to get a Liberator before there is no more to get.

Yeah, Angelo ran into a supply issue with the canopy style nose cones..His source quit making them..I managed to scarf up ALL of the fighter kits when I heard of what happened in regards to the nose cone..I MIGHT have a 2nd Liberator in my Kit Room- will have to look and see..Probably won't be til Saturday as my mornings Thursday and Friday are crazy busy!:eek: