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May 2, 2009
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here are some pics of today's launch.
sheriff came out because the "baseball people" decided i was a distraction and so they called the cops...cop was very nice, had me launch one so he could "make sure what was going on here". i made it a smaller one so as not to scare him...

he went and talked to the people that called them out and they didn't look happy...

i'm going to have to do a letter to the editor, write a newspaper story, or get a news crew out to film a launch...these people need education is all...the baseball guy said "what you're doing is illegal!"

i told him, "rocketry is a 4H activity, it even says in the instructions to 'fly at school athletic fields".

he said, "you better pack up and get out of here or i'm calling the cops!"

i told him, "here's my cell phone, PLEASE call them! call the fire department also!"

i was pissed...i'm a pretty confrontational sort of human...but i kept my cool and went back and launched another rocket so he could call the cops and get it over with.

I got in a bunch of launches today, only climbed one fence, and only lost one rocket...the Machbuster, which i foolishly sent up on a ('wimpy') estes E9-6

it went straight up, spiralling a bit, but i lost sight of it...then i saw the chute deploy...then nothing...


here's the pics!






We had a similar situation a couple of years ago. We fly at a large public park and were scheduled to be flying on some soccer fields, but the coaches from a couple of girls teams took it upon themselves to schedule a makeup game. They showed up and began warming up, all the while looking over at us as if they expected we would be packing up and leaving. Finally one of the parents came over and "demanded" that we clear the field. Our braintrust handled it pretty well and told the guy in a calm voice that we had a permit and that there were other fields for them to make use of. Nobody budged for a while, but then Mark and Dave decided that we had more to lose than they did and turned our flight line to face the other direction. They weren't happy with that, but went on with their game. (The cool part came when one of our guys fired off a big one. All action on the field stopped and several of the girls screamed. :D Can't help it. I'm a big fan of negative reinforcement.) We got some dirty looks, but nothing more was said. Mark and Dave handled it a lot better than I would have. When they came up and demanded I leave, I'd have reverted to my thirteen year old self and said "Make me!" That's why I'm not considered a part of the braintrust. Suits me fine.
that is a great story, and it shows how arrogant some people are.

I love the "here's my cell phone"

Nice launch pics, looks like you were flying some bigger motors, no wonder the people got stirred up
lol I get so annoyed when people do that , I got some dirty looks whilst launching at a local beach ( Lithum St Annes )
But having a Uncle there with his friends who are all bouncers or security guards was a added bonus that I wouldn't get told to move :p
HEH,,talk about arrogant people ,,,try flying at a field frequented by R/C fliers!
i saved the *questionable* launches for when they cleared the field.

i'd say i equalled the complainer in arrogance...
it was really cool when the cop asked me to launch one so he could see! i REALLY wanted to launch a larger motor, but i was even more concerned that he'd think it was more dangerous than it is...i swapped to the 3/16 rod and sent up a B-powered rocket

i wonder if the parents of those girls would admire their daughters more if they got their college degrees in Physics or Phys. Ed.

i wonder how many little girls expressed an interest in rocketry...?

we need more rocketchix...
the pictures aren't loading for me. has anybody else had this problem. i couldn't even see the reply button on this page. the only image that shows is the rocketry forum logo in the upper left hand corner. if i visit this site forst then travel to another without closing explorer, it happens there too. if i close explorer and then relaunch it on another site, no problem. i'm only having this image voodoo with here. this looks like a great forum too, i would really like to see images! can anybody help?
That looks like a HUGE tomahawk...what's it flying on? Cool launch pics!
sorry i can't help you further...unless it's in your security settings somewhere...hmmm...

the tomahawk is a 1.9" AeroTech IQSY Tomahawk and stands about 41" tall is shown lifting off on an AT F40W

my first reloads i've flown!
everything worked flawlessly!

even the copperheads!
(i've yet to see one fail... *knock* on wood)
True about the R/C Fliers! We fly next to a R/C field and those guys get pissed when they fly into our airspace and a rocket hits their plane! Some people....

Just to stirr the pot a bit...

I'll take some offence to the RC comments, as I AM an avid R/C flyer. (But then again, we have some bum-wipes in the club too..)

But at my club, all will stop when I want to launch. that is, I wait till all planes are down, ask if they all want to see a few go off (So far, no one has said no! And i'm often encouraged to launch a few!!) I also know of various parks around me, that are usually pretty vacant, perfect for some MPR launches

But ther are arrogant / naive peple all over.

As for the 'flyign in school athletic parks' I think that referes to the smaller sized rockets, not big ones. These things are potentially hazardous... And are a bit of a shock to those who don't know.. I don't think it wise to launch in a fairly public place, with a large public presence. You are, afterall, supposed to launch in a safe manner, and ensure the surrounding enviroment is aware of what you are doing...

As for the basball game, who was there first? I would think, if they were there first, that you are disturbing them. As for the soccer game, they are disturbing you, since you had a prior arrangement. Oh, and do watch out, as some out there are a little edgy, and can see this action as 'potiential terrorist actrivity'... (We get this from time to time with the RC airplanes..)

But with these team sports, you have to be flexible. The organization, and teh scheduling of these games is usually set in advance, and that is what the park is primarily for; playing organized sports.

sorry, just my bit.. [hopping off the soap box..]


(We are blamed, though, for a flyer loosing his dog - a 7yr Shitzu. We launched a rocket - Expediter on a G40-, and his dog took off / bolted for the forest behind the feild, never to be seen again. Dispite us all walking, and looking for it, for the better part of a week, the dog was never found.)
i'm sure they had a permit to use the field, i didn't.

just because there were people present, you shouldn't assume (you DO know what happens when you assume, don't you?) that i was operating in an unsafe manner.

1. i set up downwind from the game
2. i set the azimuth to avoid launching over anyone's head
3. elevation was set into the wind and the rockets almost all landed within 100' of the launch pad.
4. i kept to small, single-motor flights, beginning with the A3, 13mm motored models to assess the wind.
5. the officer that showed up requested that i launch one after he arrived and saw that the call was unwarranted.
6. the photos of the multi-engine and mid-power launches were taken after the game broke up and the area downrange was entirely clear.
7. i lost track of one of my rockets while trying to do the NARTREK 30-second B Streamer of the parents at the game shouted that it "went the exact opposite direction" from where i was searching. i found the rocket. too bad i didn't witness the was gonna be close. :(

i called the Principal's Office at Bear River High School and asked about their stance on Model Rocketry. the Official Party Line is, "Our insurance won't cover that"

i said, "so if i come there without asking permission, you wouldn't be liable...Hmmm"

she, "well...I didn't say that"


I thanked her for her time and information.