Some Casio EX-FC100 Results

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Jan 19, 2009
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Tried the Casio EX-FC100 out this weekend on a couple of launches. Camera is a little bigger than i'd like, but fit into my jeans pockets comfortably enough. The battery/sdcard door is a little flimsly while open, but when closed the compartment door seems pretty sturdy. You will be glad there are little indentations on the side of sdhc cards, for aiding in removing of sdhc cards. You really need those indentations on this camera, as the sdhc card is very close to the opened door, and pulling the sdhc card out with a fingernail is about the only way to get the card out of the camera.

FC100 recorded 210 fps video on the left. FH20 recorded 210 fps video on the right:

10fps photos:

All video and photos shot with default/auto settings.

Haven't gotten a chance to try the FC100 indoors yet. I've heard it doesn't fare as well as other cameras when not outdoors.
The remote shutter release supplied with the Casio EX-F1 seems to be working with my Casio EX-FC100 and EX-FH20.

Very nice video. I might have to look into getting one.
FC150 (successor to FC100) was released in Japan. Not sure if it was released in Americas/Europe. The FC150 adds sensor backlighting.