some advice please?

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Sep 22, 2009
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hey guys,
i wasn’t' real sure where to put this, but thought that this was the right place... correct me if i'm wrong:eek:
I'm going to be ordering a PML AMRAAM 2... i have a gift certificate for $50 and i'm itching to use it, but before i order i was trying to decide whether or not i should toss in the PML catalog. i heard somewhere (cant remember where) that it has a bunch of good tips for using their QT and also other basic tips and stuff. So... is it worth getting? you may say for only $3 yea, but money doesn’t 'come so easily' for me and so i'd rather not waste it:D
Also i need some 29mm motor tube, which PML sells an 18" section for $4.95, seems like a bunch to me but i haven’t found anything else of the right size, and i don’t think that my own rolled tubes would hold up well under high thrust. if there is a cheaper way to go about that i'd appreciate ur comments!

Thanks, Nate.
Don't buy the PML catalog, it's all online including tips and FAQS at their website.

I have an AMRAAM 2 and it has turned out to be a reliable performer (after the first flight where it went sideways and crashed through a tree and punched a hole in a ripstop carport and wacked a wheelbarrell) on F40-7's for mid sized fields.

Red Arrow also has gthe 29mm tube probably for a dollar less but then you'd have to pay shipping too so you might as well get it from PML.
Well it all depends, I'm a big fan of printed catalogs because they provide for the best bathroom reading material, sure you can print out the pages on thier website, but when you factor in the cost of paper and the price of printer ink cartridges these days you find it costs more than if you were to just order the catalog in the first place, as has been said though if the information is available for free, why pay for it? Just hook up a PC in your bathroom with an extension cable to the phone or cable line. I'm also a big supporter of the TP reading movement, see it's a little known grassroots political movement to get manufacturers to start printing thier catalogs on a roll of toilet paper, would make keeping your bathroom library organized sooooo much easier....... HEY what are you doin'? That aint for wipin' it's for READIN'! :D

Well there's the advice of a bathroom librarian 'who's seriously considering hooking up a PC on a roll around cart just for the bathroom!' :D
Thanx guys, thats exactly what i was looking for. I dont need what i can get for free (altho the TP catalog idea is cool..;)) I've already read everything PML has online, so i can spend the 3 dolas for something else...
so far as the motor tube goes, i guess (unless some1 else has a better idea) i'll just get some PML stuff, if i'm already paying shipping it will be cheaper than buying from somewhere else:cool:

Thanx again! (man is this place great..:D)
Well ...

If you're really into making reading material available in the bathroom, may I suggest a wireless network setup for your home. Let me tell you, those wireless networks are the Cat's Meow !

Let me tell ya'; install a wireless network and you have the world wide wonder of the internet at your disposal. Doesn't matter where you are: kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, garage, whatever, you're on-line.

The catalog is only $3 you say? Maybe a little cheaper, but no more portable! :)

haha.. i can see you sitting there detailing your latest scale model!!!!:D really, that's a good idea!

i see your amraam siting in the corner... do you mind sending in a better pic where we can see the whole thing? I'm just interested b/c i'm ordering one soon...

BTW: just an interesting fact, i was thinking about a 'Q' sized rocket (day dreaming) and so i plugged the nrs inot a calculator, and a 'Q' engine is the equivalent of 65536 A motors!

You can see my AMRAAM 2 better in my website below.
Zippy- i've been to your site several times now, and most of your pics dont show! i tried to get the pic of the amraam a bunch of different ways, but cant get it to load. meby you should check it out, b/c something is wrong (either with my browser or your site). if the pic loads for you, then somethign is wrong with my browser.
Nice site in all tho, mine is in need of some updating (don't even bother reading anything thats suposed to be "informational" bout rocket building, that stuffs preety old!). if you wana check it out, tho, its

got 2 go, talk to you guys later!
Works fine for me 88. I took a quick look at your site while I was at, looks good.