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Feb 29, 2004
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Ahhh.... finally no rain, no wind, no chores, no work... I'm off to launch!

I got to launch a few the other day and here's what happened:

1- Custom Razor B6-4 - Wind test. Great flight as always and NO WIND. This rocket has been launched about 50 or 60 times.

2- Semroc Rawhide A8-3 Great flight. This guy really scoots even on an A.

3- Starlight Queeze Bee A8-3 - First flight for this one. Supposed to do a little spin as it goes up. It spun a little.

4- Quest Big Betty C6-3 - Straight up. Straight down.

5- Fun Rockets Wicked Winnie C6-3 I was a little worried about this one. I had never flown a Fun Rocket before and had not heard great things, but I figure if I'm going to sell them I had better fly them. I was VERY pleasantly surprised. Flight was straight up and went off without a hitch. Note to self - cut a hole in the parachute if there is any wind as this one was up there for over a minute.

6- Fun Rockets Wicked Winnie C6-5 - Such a good flight I thought I'd see if we could get just a little more altitude. Note to self: Remember to put recovery wadding in next time. Broke 1 fin (repaired) on landing. Amazing thing, nose cone took FOREVER to land but landed about 3 feet from the body.

7- Semroc Astro-1 B6-6 - Nice. Maybe my new favorite.

8- Estes Executioner E9-8 - Kinda archs when you fly this one as one of the fins is a little crooked. Delay was a tad long.

9- Estes Executioner F21-6W - Wow! Really gets up there. Note to self: Gonna need a different shock cord if you're gonna fly Econojets!

That's all folks!

John (not Jon) Arthur
sounds like agood day!

I'm hoping to go to a club launch this weekend...
not sure if i'll make it, but i'm gonna try.