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SOLD Eggtimer TRS GPS Transmitter/Altimeter & LCD Receiver, ASSEMBLED

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Jan 14, 2013
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Eggtimer sells its kits unassembled. This COMPLETE AND READY TO FLY set is FULLY ASSEMBLED. Its set up to fly in the nose cone. The transmitter and receiver have Linx Antennas MFG Part No:ANT-916-CW-QW, a much better quality antenna than comes with the kit. Also, a better battery box on the receiver with on/off switch. I mounted an external programming switch on the receiver for greater ease of programming.

All instructions are available for download on Eggtimer web site.

The transmitter is mounted and comes complete with a rechargeable battery and battery charger (I got a full day of flying with this battery without recharge). I only used it for nosecone GPS and it always got me my rocket back. I never used the Altimeter portion.

Three years old, flew about 15 times.

The Eggtimer TRS is an integrated flight computer and GPS rocket-recovery solution. In one device, you get two channels of electronic parachute deployment (Drogue and Main) to bring your rocket down safely, and GPS tracking so you can find exactly where your rocket landed.

The receiver gives you full landing GPS coordinates and you just plug that into any gps software app on your phone. See the Eggtimer website.

New cost was $140 unassembled electronics, $55 battery/charger, $23 Antennas, Board assembly $50. Your price is $150 including shipping. PM me with your email and I will send specific PayPal instructions.

gps 1.jpg

gps 2.jpg
Interesting original use for a TRS. If nosecone mounting, the plain EggFinder should suffice for finding the rocket. For ebay mounting of a TRS, an aft bulkhead connector for the antenna is useable with either a direct connection to an antenna or use a short interconnect cable twist-tied along the apogee harness with
the antenna on the end of the cable. That allows deployment at apogee and avoids antenna damage on touchdown.
If using a radio-lucent ebay ie. cardboard tube without metallic paints or fiberglass, the antenna could reside inside the bay.

I also have used a minimum diameter 38mm rocket that has an elongated ebay with a single break. The antenna juts into the nosecone that doesn't have a bulkhead and the two ematch terminals are on the aft bulkhead. One blows the apogee charge the other blows a cutter for main release. Works very nicely for
completely sight unseen flights. Kurt