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SOLD CTI 75mm 3G & 6G Starter Set Gen2 $500.00

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Nov 15, 2012
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For Sale CTI 75mm 3G & 6G Starter Set Gen2 hardware.. $500, I will pay the ground shipping.. palpay with verified shipping is only accept.
Includes everything you see minus the pop(soda) can used for size comparison.
75mm 3 Grain CTI case Gen2
75mm 6 Grain CTI case Gen2
2x 75mm Grain spacers
1 Set of enclosers
and a 75mm wrench


The 6 grain case was used once, and the 3 grain case hasn't see propellant in it.
I am selling this set to upgrade to the 98mm set.
My rocket needs more propellant to achieve a height and acceleration competition to beat my dad.

PM with questions or inquires.
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