EVENT SodBlaster IV SEPT 2-5, 2022 Pasco, WA Official Announcement!

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Many thanks to TCR for a great weekend! In no particular order:
TCR as a whole for great organization of the field, parking lot, and range
Rich for RSO'ing through most of the event and the loan (twice!) of a razor saw
Safety stand-downs and checks when there were near misses (including pausing flight ops to re-aim launch rails)
Vendors for having the goods to keep us flying
Jim P and Dave D for helping with Jr L1 certs, including a bunch of good advice to the students

My group had a great time. Three Junior L1 certs, one hooked and ready to go for Jr L1 next year, and a bunch of (mostly) successful flights.
Eric and Kris

Thank you for the kind words, during our after event (or at least during Monday's flying) the TCR board discussed how things went and we felt that it went pretty smoothly based on the operations flow, at no time was there a longer wait than one rack. Looking forward to seeing the numbers.
Avis and I thank all of you for all the work you put in to host this event again this year!! A good time was had by just about everybody.

I am still trying to figure out where my Nova Payloader was hiding Friday night before it decided to blow back towards camp from the south circle on Saturday. I just can’t figure it out.

But here it is, in the grass in the north circle after landing at the end of the last flight of Sod Blaster IV. This was two flights after its mysterious disappearance on Friday.

(This same model made the last flight of Sod Blaster III — but ended up well into the south circle last year).

(This same model made the last flight of Sod Blaster III — but ended up well into the south circle last year).
I mis-remembered about the last flight of Sod Blaster III. It wasn't this Nova Payloader, it was my Go Chiefs! Big Bertha. This Nova Payloader was the last flight of last year's TCR June Swoosh and that flight landed well into the south circle. That flight was also on a C18-6W.
My son and I enjoyed flying with you folks on Sunday. Jackie had a great time during his hour as the LCO. I also had a great flight on my ancient PML Sudden Rush on a very old Aerotech K1100T motor to 7,779 feet. The boost was straight and true. Not bad for an 18 year old motor AND rocket!

After flying amongst the sage at Brothers, it’s nice to be on the sod! Thanks for a great time!