Soaring High into October Skies

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May 2, 2009
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I got to meet a fellow TRFer and local guy, RocketBBoy today!

We hooked up at the local high school and launched a few rockets today, taking advantage of a break between storms. Of course, there were those in attendance that remembered my grass fire incident :rolleyes:

well, we got set up and first off, i launched my Estes Big Daddy on a C11-5. the delay was a tad long, but the rocket zoomed to about 300' and deployed before it hit the ground, so it's all good.

next up was my 2-stage version of the Quest Harpoon AGM.
wanting to keep it low, i loaded a C11-0 in the booster and a B6-4 in the sustainer. It flew perfectly, landing within 10' of the launch pad!

next...the Mosquito 3D
only 2 motors lit and it may have hung up on the rod a bit...
recovery deployment was not a problem and it came back ready for more.

we launched some smaller stuff next
RBB had a couple rockets he launched...first on an A8-3, next on a b, last on a C6 motor... all the flights were pretty much flawless, though one had a bit of an extended delay and dented the body tube on deployment slightly.

then i launched my ring-fin, sprite clone..
finally lost it.
even with 5 guys watching...
i also launched a sandhawk on an A10-3T motor...nice, high flight, but the elastic separated and it recovered in two pieces with no further damage.

then we put the Harpoon up on a D12-0 booster to a C6-5 sustainer... again, the flight was perfect, recovery was pretty close, considering how high it went!

then i sent my modular MMT Super Big Bertha up on an F20-7!
beautiful flight, perfect deployment at apogee....only problem came when it landed hard on the road and broke a fin tip. i CA glued it back on and sent it up 3 more times on F20-7 motors...

it looked to be nearly 3000' up...not sure... i'll sim it.

i also flew my sprite upscale.
first launch, it hung on the launch rod and burned a hole right through the blast deflector... i loaded a D12-7 and sent it up. i knew the delay was going to be a bit long, but everything held together and the chute deployed before it hit the ground.

Lots of great flights!
only one lost rocket and a couple recovery issues...

it sure is nice to have fire season OVER!