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Apr 2, 2010
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Me too...very cool but I've lost too many playing with them in the front yard! Including losing a cute little 3" span boost glider to a thermal over my roof. :D

Complete starter kit with launch stand, one Little Joe RTF rocket, two motors and ignitors.

Complete starter kit with launch stand, two Sport RTF rockets, six motors and ignitors.

Box of 60 Micro-Maxx motors and ignitors...these are the "120 foot altitude" versions.

Box of 66 Micro-Maxx motors and ignitors...these are the "200 foot altitude" versions.

ASP Micro Sondia IIB 1/41.5 scale kit for Micro-Maxx power. 5.4" tall, 0.282" diameter, streamer recovery (included).

ASP "That Tube Rocket" kit for Micro-Maxx power. 6.7" tall, 0.282" diameter, streamer recovery (included).

ALL SOLD and I'll throw in a bunch of suitably sized ASP parts to allow you to scratch build your own Micro-Maxx rockets.

(For MPR and HPR fliers - the cardboard tubes that Aerotech ships ignitors in are suitably sized for MM rocket bodies, so save them!)

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Jan 18, 2009
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I got started on them back years ago when Toys-R-Us and Target were clearing out the beginner specials for $4 and $5 (the one with two little plastic bricks and a silo launcher). I bought a gob. Still have a few unopened.

The LPBs were fun...if you could get the motors ignited. Most of them went 20-30-40 feet up, not as high as other rockets, but they could disappear pretty easily in the grass (tip: always use a streamer in order to have a fighting chance to see them during descent or on the ground). The silo launchers were a pain, but Quest is now offering other launchers that may work better?

I made a few scratch-builts (much lighter than the LPBs) but they simply disappeared in a blink. My old eyeballs were nowhere near able to keep track of a light MMX rocket. Those things must have gone hundreds of feet, and they are way too tiny for me to see. That was too much work for a one-shot wonder.

As to your sale, maybe you should try to find a local buyer where you can hand-deliver the stuff. It is a major no-no to ship blackpowder motors through the mail without proper training, packaging, and permission. These are the kind of federal law violations that get you time in the penitentiary, especially with the homeland security guys on the loose.

Even better, hang on to the stuff and check out all the tips that Micromeister has posted here on TRF (don't forget to check the archive!). He has lots of info on better launchers, MMX build advice, and how to do just about everything MMX.