So what Models are you Bringing to NSL this Year

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May 19, 2011
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I started a similar thread on YORF but I thought I would ask the same question here.

This will be the first National Rocket event I will be attending that hasn’t been in Pueblo where I live. I was just wondering what new or old models some of you are intending to bring. I started to build myself some new models a cople weeks ago so I thought I would share what I’ve got done so far. Since I’ve got almost two more months to go I’m sure I’ll build a couple more smaller models as well.

From Left to Right.

This one is a sport scale model of the DoorKnob. It uses an Estes BT-101 body tube and a nose cone from the Estes Maxi Brute V2 which I found to match the contour better than a standard Ogive. It has through the wall 3mm birch plywood in the center of the fin with 1/16” bass wood on both sides. The leading edge is tapered. The motor mount is 29mm. The next model is the Estes Maxi Brute V2 with a 29mm motor mount. The vacuum formed fins are reinforced along their inside edges with epoxy resin and chopped glass so they are much stronger then the originals. Next we have a BT-20 size Scissor Wing Transport for 13mm motors. The last one on the right is a 4” diameter upscale of the Estes Goblin. It has through the wall birch plywood fins with 3/32” sheeting on the sides. It too will use a 29mm motor mount. Up front we have intakes that are simply tapped together in the image for a 3” diameter upscale of the Estes QCC Explorer. It too will have a 29mm motor mount.

This is what I’ve got going, so let’s see what the rest of you are bringing.

John Boren

Your thread over on YORF is certainly generating more of a discussion than this one is!

As I mentioned over there, I'm planning to bring my ketchup and mustard squeeze bottle oddrocs because they are always a crowd pleaser -- I always launch them as a drag race and have the LCO announcer invite wagers from spectators about which one will win prior to launch -- and if I can make the necessary repairs I plan to also bring my mid power ball point pen oddroc that I first flew at NARAM 2002 in Phoenix. I'm also hoping to build a new night launch rocket featuring a string of 50 LED lights if I have time.
For the night launch I am bringing "The Rainbow Connection":
lit 1.jpg

My "Solar Flare" upscale for the night launch:
solar (2).jpgView attachment 316177

The "Broad-Head (aka 20 fins and nosecone)":

The "Carbon Footprint":

And whatever else we can pile in the minivan, LOL.
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I still need to glue the pre-primed fin engine intakes in place but it's getting closer to being all framed up. The nose cone is 2" to short so I may need to make a new one.

John Boren

3 inch QCC.jpg

QCC Pods.jpg
Here are the ketchup and mustard squeeze bottle oddrocs and my ballpoint pen oddroc that I am planning to bring to NSL:

I still need to glue the pre-primed fin engine intakes in place but it's getting closer to being all framed up. The nose cone is 2" to short so I may need to make a new one.

John Boren

Nice John,Excited to see your QCC painted! Please post a pic!
No pics yet since a lot of these are under construction or repair...
-6" scale of Blue Origin's New Glenn
-6" scale of Blue Origin's New Shepard
-4" scale of Atlas V (401)
-54mm scale of the SR-71
-a stupidly long 29mm rocket
-might try to hack together something with lights for a night launch
-whatever else I may find and pull out of my LPR arsenal
If I go - and that's currently a big if, due to a ruptured L3/L4 disc - the rockets I'm most excited about flying are:

Trey (LOC TriStar)
El Monstruo (Like a LOC Bruiser, but with 8 x 29mm & 1 x 54 mm, 4 fins)
Wildman Darkstar Jr (Have a K1127 that would put me right at my club's 10,000' waiver, should be OK with the 12,000' waiver, assuming I get my trackers working!)
Wildman Interceptor AAD98

Not sure what else will accompany me - as someone else mentioned, probably everything I can squeeze into the car. Will get some pics on here when I can.

Update - will not be attending.:(
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All my pictures are on iPhone/iPad, and I just happen to be on the PC today, which is rare occurrence these days.

My rockets will be:
1. Semroc Mars Lander, using D13 reload in the 18/20 casing.
2. Big Der Red Max (18" tall Bt-60 DRM sold as part of a launch set starting in 1978)
3. Upscale Orbital Transport (1.6X, BT-60 main tube instead of BT-50)
4. Estes V-2 (BT-80) for the V-2 Mass Launch.
5. My oldest rocket -- an Estes Saros I built in 1976, while working at my first job after college, at the Naval Weapons Center in China Lake. I started an upscale of it, but I wont be done in time. I'm just a little nervous about this one -- hasn't flown in maybe 30 years.
6. A scratch-built Astron Cobra, a cluster kit I always wanted as a kid.
7. a bunch of other rockets, some of which will be left behind when I realize there just is not room in my friend's Suburban, since he is woese than I am when it comes to packing lightly.
My line up...

Wildman Wild Thang Extreme L900DM
Rocketry Warehouse Double Shot I357T/J460T
Rocketry Warehouse X-Celerator K456DM
Wildman Vindicator K456DM

Wildman DarkStar 3” J401FJ
Wildman Shreader 3” J401FJ
Rocketry Warehouse G3 f(or Nightflight) J340M
No pics yet since a lot of these are under construction or repair...
-6" scale of Blue Origin's New Glenn
-6" scale of Blue Origin's New Shepard
-4" scale of Atlas V (401)
-54mm scale of the SR-71
-a stupidly long 29mm rocket
-might try to hack together something with lights for a night launch
-whatever else I may find and pull out of my LPR arsenal

Would love to see pics of these when you're finished!!
So far I've completed my 4" dia. Scale Door Knob, Maxi Brute V2 and an upscale Estes Goblin. I also just today completed my 3" upscale of the Estes QCC Explorer. All these models have 29 mm motor mounts. The Scissor Wing Transport is a down scale to BT-20 tube and is mini engine powered. The group photo are the models I intend to bring to NSL. I'll add a few more since I've got a month to make more models.

John Boren

QCC Finished.jpg

Scissor Wing Done 1.jpg

Finished V2.jpg

Finished Goblin.jpg

Door Knob Painted.jpg

I started two more builds for NSL. One is the old Estes Star Trek Enterprise. The other is an upscale of the Estes Viper from Battle Star Galactica. It will have a 29mm motor mount.

John Boren

Ent 8.jpg

Vip 2.jpg
The build portion of my Viper is complete. I just need to add a few more glue fillets and she will be ready for primer, then paint. As seen she weights in at 17.4 oz. By the time it's ready for a motor it should be more like 23+ oz. and if it needs nose weight even more.

John Boren

Vip 8.jpg

Vip 9.jpg

Vip 10.jpg
I got the Viper painted and applied the water slide decals this morning. I didn't do a great job applying the decals but from a few feet away she looks pretty good.

John Boren

Vip 13.jpg

Vip 14.jpg

Vip 15.jpg

Vip 16.jpg
While waiting for the paint to dry on my Viper I put together this 30" span Boost Glider. I flew it today on a C11-3 and D12-3. Had to add some wig tip weight so she would make such sharp circles on the way down. I believe she will be all trimmed out for her third flight down at NSL later this month.

John Boren

D Glider 2.jpg

D Glider 3.jpg

D Glider 4.jpg

D Glider.jpg
My latest build for NSL is for their duration event that calls for a rocket with a minimum height of 100" and no more then 100 Newton motor. The model I built for it is 101.5 " tall, 3" in Dia. and weights 22 ounces. I made a 56" dia. Mylar chute with 16 shroud lines glued in place with Tacky Glue. Power will come from a Aerotech G40-7 motor. It should be a real floater.

John Boren

100 Done.jpg
I forgot to mention --I'm taking names! (or TRF handles ... might have to identify you by the rockets you bring!)

Hope to get to meet some people here at NSL. My friend Paul and I are arriving early enough Friday to attend social event /dinner.
I needed a lot more room to take all the rockets I wished to take so I built this rocket rack for the back of the van. It pulls right out for easy storage in the garage after I'm done with it. It's made out of 1x4 lumber and 1" thick blue foam on top. Now I can put all the heavy stuff on the bottom like the tent, folding chairs flight boxes and most likely a card board box full of smaller rocket and stuff. The top will then be free to lay all the completed rockets on.

John Boren

This should be my last build for NSL 2017. I've been wanting to make a larger 29 mm size Helicopter Recovery model for some time now. The model stands 46" tall and has a rotor span of 70" with the blades extended. Weight came out at 8.4 ounces but I still need to shoot some Sig Dope Paint out of some Really Old Spray cans on it to get some color. It should still be under 9 ounces after paint. One image shows the 1/8" dia. Brass weights needed to balance the blades. Even though I started with three sheets of balsa that weighed exactly the same you will Never end up with blades the same weight since balsa density can very so much though out the sheet. The heavy blade is the bottom one. The brass rods were cut to size so each blade ends up being the same weight. The location of were the weights were glued is determined by having all three blades balance at the exact same location from root to tip.

John Boren

F Heli 1.jpg

F Heli 2.jpg
Two more images of my F Heli model and two builds of Estes E2X stuff. One has been modified as a two stage.

John Boren

BT50 ARF 2 Stage.jpg

F Heli 3.jpg

F Heli 4.jpg
This week Sharon and I have been prepping rockets for the NSL launch in Alamogordo, New Mexico. Yesterday we both finished up building the big 75mm motors. My biggest for this launch is an L1250 Dark Matter in the 75/6400 casing.

Someday I hope to meet Dan Michael, who signs off on this most excellent propellant! Of the thirteen rockets I'm taking, four are flying on DM. I also built an L900 DM in the 75/5120 casing. Sharon built an L995 Red Lightning in the CTI 3 grain casing, and an AT M1297 in the 75/5120 casing.
Today we finished prepping the last of 23 rockets we will be taking to the launch, and staged a photo shoot in the front room:

Starting at the bottom of the pile is an Apogee Aspire clone adapted down to fly an E9-8.
Next up is my scratch built "Kick Asspire", which I built when I finally decided that the Aspire will not go to 1 mile. My Asspire has two flights that I'm happy with, both on G118 blue streaks, to 5691 ft. and 5409 ft. It's next flight will be on a G125 Red Lightning to around the same alt.
The black and blue rocket is a Formula 38, flying on a G106.
Sharon's "Wild Child" on an H115 DM.
"Tommy Two" is our second "D" region Tomahawk, flying on an F35.
My blue and red dual deploy Argent, on another H115 DM. We both love that SU motor.
Sharon's "Dark Jart" modified for dual deploy, on an I170 classic.
My upside down "Reduke", a clone of my L1 rocket "Duke Nukem", on an AT I59 long burn.
My first fiberglass rocket "Darkstar Junior" on an I327 DM.
Sharon's Wildman Interceptor 54, which was a gift from the Wildman himself, as a bribe to get her to write the instructions for it, on an I255 Red Lightning.
My Blackstar Junior, the thinwall version. Flying on an I364 fast Jack.
Sharon's 3" Darkstar, on a K540 Metalstorm.
My 3" Blackstar, also on a K540, in the hopes of a drag race....
My Rocketry Warehouse 4" X-Celerator "Rapiditty" on a K675 Skidmark.
My L3 rocket "Red Tailed Extreme" on the L1250 DM pictured above.
On the left starting at the bottom is Sharon's night Snitch and "Funk Saucer" with lights and an H100. Not sure what the Snitch will fly on, but we have a couple of 18mm AT reloads for it.
The black rocket above them is my 4" Wildman V2 "R2-V2" ready to fly in the mass V2 launch on a K454 Skidmark.
Next up is Sharon's big blue RW Stinger, for it's third flight on an M1297.
Above the "Red tail" on the left is my scratch built 4" Warp Core Breach, with over 600 LED lights, five batteries and an altimeter, on the J520 Skidmark laying just under it.
Sharon's "Jimbo Jart" is next, famous for beating Wildman in a drag race at Airfest. It's flying on a J420, which we adapted down to use a motor to keep it under the waiver.
The Super Jart, a 5" version with a 75mm MMT, and an L995 Red Lightning.
Sharon's "Drunk V2" on an G80. Sharon's entry in the mass V2 launch. There's a story behind this rocket, but you will have to ask Sharon about it.....
Last but not least is my 5" Jart "Jughead". It's modified with a payload tube and uses the coupler for redundant altimeters. My first doughnut avbay, with room for a 4 grain 75mm motor. It's flying on an AT L900 DM.
As many of you may already know, we fly a lot of rockets, over 100 since our season has started last June at LDRS. 178 motors and counting, with a bunch of my 2 stage rockets thrown in. Under ideal conditions, we could possibly fly everything we are taking, but that might be a stretch...
Even if the conditions aren't perfect, we will still be having a lot of fun, so stop by "Comfort's Condo" and say hi!

Wow, I thought I was bringing a lot!

I'm furiously trying to get my Super Orbital Transport painted, and decals applied, before hitting the road.
I have only comment to make. I seams you like to put really BIG motors in very small rockets. At least they look small to me in the photo. I look forward to seeing these birds fly.

"Sharon's "Drunk V2"

Not that we want anyone to get drunk but some of us are planning on having a Beer Loft at NSL one night. This is were you bring a 6 pack or two of a local brew and share it with others. You can experience different beers that you would never otherwise get to taste. I'm not a beer drinker myself but I will for this event since I want to meet and talk to fellow rocketeers.

You know I could be wrong some of those models are pretty darn long based on the piano in the background.

John Boren
It seems you like to put really BIG motors in very small rockets. At least they look small to me in the photo.

You know I could be wrong some of those models are pretty darn long based on the piano

John Boren

It is just the angle of the photo, Wayne had to climb a ladder to get everything in the picture. For perspective, the piano is a 6' "medium" grand. But no matter, bigger, smaller, LPR - HPR: we fly them all happily :smile: