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Jun 30, 2010
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I have some pH Standard Smoke Pellets from B&Q (6 for £4.99) What i got because i thought it could be used as a tracking device , and i was wondering if there is a safe way of igniting them inside the rocket as the 'chute comes out . I thought about the ejection igniting it , but I dont know how to keep it in place whilst igniting. Any help would be appreciated!
you could try some fuse timed correctly (I think it is okay to use fuse because it isnt igniting the motor) or you could use a small timer to ignite it. or just ignite it on the ground and have it burn the hole flight
Thanks ! One thing still remains , how to keep it in place ......... :(
Yeh that was a brilliant idea! Now all I have to is find one of those babys :D ! Well atleast if it doesent light , its safe in that little pouch!
In the Jan 1994 issue of HPR magazine...Mark Drass used :

A brass fitting that entended downward from the tip of his Nike-Smoke.

He called it a Ram-Air tube, which ran down through a few nose cone support plates to the smoke chamber. He then installed close to scale 90 degree brass angle pipe couplers for venting nozzles on ewither side of the chamber.

This chamber could hold 9 mammoth smoke bombs and was removeable. Burn time was from 45 seconds to 1 1/2 minutes and produced heavy black smoke.
Couldnt you just make a wire cage around the pellet? Like use some stiff wire?
very interesting, sounds like a realistic smoke, but where did he get the smoke pellets?
If you cna get those "Ozark" smoke bombs, those are the ultimate. the fuse is about a 1/4 inch long, maybe put it in the bottom of the rocket and use a seperate igniter for it? It would require a wire screening around it though, as the emd of it melts and remains bubbling for about 10 minutes after the burn, don't want to catch a field on fire :eek: :eek:. Those suckers burn for at least 5 minutes!