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Jan 13, 2004
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Ever wonder what your Red Baron would look like if it slammed into the ground at full force on a C6?

Not Pretty!

One of the wires or clips must have moved from the motor blast and got hung up.:confused:

So I basically flew it tied to a string. It went up, over my head, and hit the dirt 15 feet behind me. (motor still burning)

I had only flown it once before, and it was a great flier.

Time to get out the glue


Glad you were not hit by the rocket.........

That would have been a wild video!!!!
its a good thing you or somebondy else wasn't injured
get out glue, get that bird flying again:)
Hmm maybe replace the snapped parts with new stuff ? Or just sand , sand and sand some more to get her going again! Good to hear you were not harmed by that , that sounded like a rather close call!
ouchieeeee that almost hit me too!!!! i hope you can get it back together!!!!! good luck!
Check your e mail.
It's back together and today is actually got a paint job.