Smallest 18 - 22 AWG wire connector?

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Jan 17, 2009
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What is the smallest/lightest quick connect for 18 - 22 AWG wire that can withstand the rigors of rocket flight? I'm looking for simple ways to connect leads from a PerfectFlite microTimer2 to power sources, switches, etc. The microTimer2 has solder pads instead of screw down terminal blocks. I was thinking of soldering the wire leads to the microTimer with some sort of quick connect on the other end to allow for changing battery/switch configurations easily.

I recommend you use Deans Micro Connectors. They have been around forever and their products have been test proven in R/C and hobby applications for years. There is no way they will generate an intermittent connection, yet they are small and easy to use. you can get them at most hobby shops. Two pin connectors can be used for power or single e-match/ignitor, while three and four pin connectors can be used for redundancy applications.

Pic of Deans:

Pic of Perfectflite altimeter using them for connections to bulkheads containing ejection charges. The brown/black wires go to the apogee charge and the orange/yellow to the main charge. You see doubles because this board hosts dual altimeters with another altimeter on the back side of the ply board. It makes for easy assembly:

Hope this helps,

Carl, what's the gauge of the wire you're using in that picture? I'm wondering because I never seem to have the right size around, and I need to buy some more.

Here is one more pic showing my Perfectflite Minitimer3 in the mount that I use on the Upscale Tres. It fits inside a 2" coupler and is inserted into the Sustainer's 54mm motor mount and bolted in to the top, then the motor is installed. The blue connector is what the ignitor wires are hooked to and you can see the two "Deans" connectors for the internal connection. The beauty of it is I can move this timer board to the nosecone of my cluster bomb for nosecone ejection charge at apogee, or move it to another model.

Timer Pic:

RocketboyG80 - I use 22 gauge stranded silver wire.

Hmm, do you buy that at a hobby shop? I've looked for wire like that at Radio Shack but they said they don't stock that type, which I find hard to believe.
I get it online at various places, but haven't bought any in a long time; I have enough for what I need. Try FMAdirect...they make R/C electronics.

Carl - this is VERY helpful! Now I just need to find out if my local hobby shops carry these connectors...

Unfortunately none of the local hobby shops in my area carry the Deans connectors, but I did find an online source that seemed reasonable and carries some interesting products. You may find them useful as well:

The Robot MarketPlace
Just to let you know I placed an order for the Deans Micro Plugs from the Robot MarketPlace late Monday (January 17th) and received the order today (January 20th)...thats California to Virginia. Also, they only cost $1.55 per pair. For what it is worth...