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Jan 18, 2009
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Yes its a small world.

I ran/bumped into Lee Piester again while buying lottery tickets this morning at a Quicktime Food Mart. His hobby distributor warehouse is a block away from the store. He wasn't buying lottery tickets, but instead was buying coffee.

I just said, 'Lee?' and he replied, 'Hello, nice to see you again'. We shook hands, he paid for his coffee and I my tickets and we parted ways.

I have talked his ears off over the last few times we have ran into each other, so I just decided to give the man a break. Besides, it was 6 AM and we were on our way to work :p


Hey roketflite (Scott B.) that was the Quicktime on 19th ave near Peoria Ave.. The area has really gone 'south'. Several new Adult bookshops, strip clubs and massage parlors... no I just work for a bank in the area and was passing through to buy Powerball numbers :blush:
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