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Jul 14, 2009
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I had a question about the positive motor retention products on the market. They each have their own adapter accessories (38-29mm, etc); are these proprietary adapters required for different motor sizes, or simply a convenient extension of the retention system?

I'm considering trying one of them out for a new build... I was wondering if I got a 38mm system, would I be able to use my regular LOC 38-29mm adapter? That is, will the retention system "lock in" the thrust ring on the adapter, allowing me to friction fit a 29mm motor?

On a side note... how do I pick one?! I think the 54-38mm cone retainer looks pretty slick!
While I am a huge fan of the aeropack adapters, any adapter that uses a standard thrust ring should work fine in any of those. The only issue would be if the adapter's thrust ring is much larger than the thrust ring on a motor, in which case it won't fit in the retainer fully and the retainer won't properly be able to hold onto the adapter. The Aeropack adapters are great though, as they don't only act as an adapter to the smaller tube size, they also give the smaller motor positive retention to the same level of security that the larger one would get.

Oh, and I would recommend a threaded retainer (Aeropack, HAMR, threaded slimline) over the snap ring style (standard slimline). I've just found it to be much easier to use, and the snap rings can be a real pain.