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Sold Slightly Used "Super Nova Two" Launch Control


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Jan 20, 2009
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Slightly used, Nova Launch control. I built this for my own use a couple years ago, and never had the chance to use it. Actually it's never been used its brand new. Its been laying around a couple of years and I thought someone could get some use out of it.

$175.00 plus shipping at my cost.

Controls two pads, Pad A and Pad B.
The two pads can be used in any sequence. You can launch A, then B or the other way around. You can also launch A & B at the same time. You can also do clustered flights at each pad.
It consists of two parts, the hand held controller and the Pad Box. The pad box is located at the pads and there is fifty feet of cable to the controller (extensions are available upon request).
The firing current is supplied by two 12 volt, 30 amp relays. This guarantees maximum current to your motor starters. Each channel has its own relay.
20 feet of Motor Starter cable for each pad.
5 feet of battery cable (Battery owner supplied) I suggest a 12 volt automotive battery or equal.
TRA, NAR safety rule compliant with required "Safety".
E-match safe continuity check located on controller.
Free 1 year warranty for any defects, you ship it to me at your cost, I fix it and ship it back at my cost.
Robust construction and very dependable.

For info contact me:
[email protected]

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