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May 2, 2009
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i got a copy of this text yesterday via rebar rocketry.
i'm 200 pages in and so far it seems to be a reasonably straightforward method.

looks like i'll need a lathe to keep costs down for tooling, unless my friend that sells CNC machines can get one of his clients to cut me a deal...

i was hoping the book would contain formulaitons and techniques for Composite fuels, but cheap BP motors will be ROCKIN'!

anyone buy supplies from these folks?
found them about an hour sooner...
that is to say before i did a buy-it-now on ebay for some Mg powder/shavings...

i paid 6x what these folks are asking

i'm going to order one of their APCP starter kits.
is there an advantage to either the HTPB or PBAN?
get McCreary's book...he goes into great depths about the pros and cons of both HTPB and PBAN.

I went HTPB due to ease, but PBAN is cheaper.

I recommend using HC7 curative from

They carry Mg on under the rocketry link. They are cheaper to order from since they charge less fior Mg, plus shipping shipping is cheaper and when I bought mine they didn't ship it with those stupid chips !

I just cannot aggree with what you guys are recommending!:mad:

HTBP and PBAN are all wrong as for the HC7 well...I won't even go there!

I use ASDF and JKL; exclusivley as well as QRST and LMNOP as a curative.

I had to answer this ASAP and keep it on the QT so you guys wouldn't have a SNAFU.


Yes, I know what you're talking about sounds so silly if you read this thread out loud.
i'll check out the pricing...
the kit form makes it simple to get the right proportions of each compound to minimize waste for a newbie like myself.


sure glad you answered PDQ, on the QT with the info so we could avoi8d that SNAFU which could have resulted in KP for me.