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Feb 18, 2010
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Hey everyone!! Man its been a VERY VERY VERY long time since I've cruised these forums. Most of the people here that know me, would know me as badboy1982 from the original forum that now I guess is the archives.

So I've decided to make a return to this AMAZING hobby that i loved for a very long time. I made an exit during the time the lawsuit/litigation was going on with the BATFE, and to come back to find out that we're no longer being regulated as before is amazing news. So at little more about it:

I live in georgia, near Atlanta. I've had the privilege to launch with quite a few of the guys here. I'm in the HP/EX group, sadly I'm going to have to recert so I can partake in the skills again but I look forward to doing so. MY main love was Kno3 motors, which I plan to explore again.

But anyhow, I look forward to getting to know you newer guys, catching up with the older guys. I think my original join date to the forums was back in 2005. So again look forward to being a contributing member of this fantastic forum. I'll cya guys on the field!
Welcome back! We have a pretty active group of EX'ers in the ICBM club!:) Maybe you can come check out a launch or three in Orangeburg, SC..Check out the launch schedule here.
You never really leave this hobby.
You just operate on a lower level for a little while.

Evil Ed
Welcome back! Unfortunately, the BATFE ruling did nothing for KNO3, just APCP propellant. Still was great news.

hey Troj,

long time no see. glad ur still around. i look forward to catching up with you guys.