SkyAngle Classic and Classic II chutes.

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Justin Horne

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Jun 23, 2004
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Hi. I just got my 36 inch Classic chute from Magnum. I gotta say to anyone, these are some great parachutes and i'd highly recommend them. I also have a 28 inch Classic II that is even more high strength. If anyone's looking for some good priced, very strong parachutes, go with these! :)

Just my 2 cents...:)

I'd have to agree with you also. I have had a SkyAngle Classic 20 inch for a year and a half. I've used it a lot and it will easily take a high speed deployment.
i bought a skyangle classic 32 for my L1 Cert flight, just to be certain that the recovery system was bombproof!

it was!
the simulation indicated an 80mph deployment, too!

it performed flawlessly!