"SKY JAM" Winterboro Alabama!

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Jul 27, 2010
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From the PMW Prez.
"The second annual Sky Jam will be hosted by PMW on February the 12th( commercial launch) & 13th ( TRA research launch).
I am currently talking to the leader of Troop #1 of the Boy Scouts with the hope that they will return, after doing a fantastic job at Rocktober Skies, to cover the on-field food & beverage service.
The registration will be $15 for one day & $20 for two days of flying. We will have plenty of pads , & remember we have about three square miles of recovery area & a 23,000 foot AGL waiver.
Carey Huff, of Huff Performance, will be vending at the launch, so contact him soon if you have special motor or hardware needs.
Last year we started the launch with five inches of snow on the ground, so remember to be prepared for cold weather.


I hope to see everyone at the launch."
Bob Haas President PMW
Ill be there . Great group of guys down there cant wait for the launch !!

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A couple of pics from my flight at Sky Jam,my Amraam on an I-357


Nice pics, Ron! Kyle & could use a dozen of those. :)

Yaknow Kevin, we could probably get a discount if we ordered them a couple of dozen at a time...Somthin to check into???? I sure would like to have one on my L3 if it ever leaves the ground...All I need now is the chutes, the load, and build the bugger..(Yes I bought the motor hardware!) And have had the electronics...

Congrats on the GREAT weekend! Couldn't fly with a better bunch of guys/gals IMHO!

I'll see you all at ST2011!!!

BTW< anyone have the schedule for Manchester this year? We still doing the EX launch?