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Rick James

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Aug 31, 2004
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The missles from the movie Sky Captain that were launched from under the ocean -- they were featured on the cover of Apogee's last e-zine.

Anyway I put together a very rough RockSim design for one. It needs some tweeking, but I just wanted to see how stable it would be. I had to put some nose weight in it to make it work.

Here is the 18mm version:
Here is the 24mm version... with more nose weight

Feel free to play with them and see if they can be improved...
I just realized that I created those RockSim files in version 7 and they can't be read with version 5.

Is there a way to save a file in an earlier version so they can be shared?
If you send a PM to our resident RockSim expert Bruce Levinson (teflonrocketry1) he can help you out. He "dumbs down" v7 files to v5 and posts them regularly.
I took a screen cap from the trailer and blew it up a bit
it's the best detail I've been able to capture, wht throws me is the source of the flame , it appears to strt from up inside the fin"cage", but it could be a background cloud as well

thanks for posting the rocksim file Rick you did a better job of representing the fin cage than I have so far.

I definately want to build one

That's a good image... same one I was working from but better resolution. I didn't notice those little "nubbies" at the aft end of the payload section. Might be a fun detail to add.

As for the flame... not sure what that is supposed to represent - I guess it could be a reflection, or just sloppy CGI work... but you'll notice that it is in all 3 missiles, but on the far side only (away from the "camera") which makes me think it's not intended to be an actual exhaust from that point. It just doesn't make sense to have it anywhere but the aft end.