Skunk Works 10" Bull Pup Level 3

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Jan 17, 2009
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I came across this link for a successful Level 3 certification flight using a Skunk Works 10" Bull Pup. I hope the owner, Michael Luna, doesn't mind the post here on TRF, but I thought everyone would enjoy the flight video and the construction details. Pay close attention to the "electronics board". This guy must know Carl Tulanko...:D

Michael Luna's Level 3
Picture perfect flight!
I enquired on rmr about the video stating something to the affect of "recovery was not needed for an L3"...???
He informed me it was said as a joke. Thought maybe there was some special rules when you got that far up in certing. ;)
Wow! I am thoroughly impressed with the paint scheme. Although I find it sacreligious to take a scale model and paint it other than its original configuration, (j/k ;) ) the flame detailing and paint scheme give the rocket a whole new attitude. Very nice!

The video of the flight is equally amazing. From the HPR flights (videos) I've seen, most rockets tend to wiggle near the end of the flight or do some other minor movement. His Bull Pup flight is absolutely perfect!