Sixty Acres Freedom Launch

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Sep 28, 2009
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Hi guys, I've been on this site for a few months and learned a lot since joining. Yesterday was the first time I launched a rocket since ~13 years ago. The reason why I chose this day is because when I was in the military, our unit intercepted our first scud missile with a Patriot on this day with me on crew duty. I know it might not mean much to you guys but it holds something deep within my heart. All of this was during the Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom in 2003.
It was hard to find a launch site that's big enough park around Seattle that doesn't have that strict of regulation and trees or houses. Within my google search I found a site in Redmond, WA. that's perfect to launch rockets with a wide enough area. When I arrived, I was surprised by a boy scout type group of people just wrapping up their launches. I also talked to a few family that was out there launching with their kids. When I watched them, my child hood days came flashing back, so I started up launching mine. I got so caught up in the moment that I only got one picture of a rocket on the pad. :) After it was all an done, I launched twelve time with friend with Estes Patriot, patriot rtf, farside, alpha, and black brant II. I also let some kid launch one, I think I got him hooked after that one :) Overall it was a slightly windy day but it was all worth every moment.

Very good to read that you have found a site that you (and apparently others) are comfortable using. Introducing someone to the hobby is as exhilarating to me as being "the guy pushing the button". Nice pic of a nice rocket.
Sounds like a very successful return to the hobby. Welcome back!
I'm envious of the field. I'm still trying to find one like that around here.
I'm envious of the field. I'm still trying to find one like that around here.
yes the field is nice when its not used by soccer players. They get first dibs, since it's their land of 16 fields.
Yeah, I've launched at 60 acres a few times before we moved to Idaho and always liked it. They have a nice spot for rockets next to a field for r/c planes. Where I'm at now in Idaho is more like where I grew up in Montana with nice, new paved roads that end in front of big, vast open fields and few houses. Hope you can post more pictures in the future!
Yes, I'll take more pictures next time. Which would be on April 5th so I can fly my shuttle with the real thing.