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Mar 18, 2009
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As you can see, I have just started a new webstore. First of all, I would like to know what needs to be improved. Second of all, I want to know what kind of kits you guys would want. As of right now, we have the custom Wraith kit. The one shown in the picture has two 24 mm motor mounts and a 29 mm in the center. We are lighting two F21's on the pad and airstarting a G80. We will later use two G37's and a G80. Would you guys like to have a single engine such as 38 mm, or are you liking clusters. Second of all, what kind of scale kts could we sell. Right now, I have a 3.9 inch Pheonix on the drawing board which will sell for about 175 to 200 dollars. Is this to much. I am thinking that I will put 2 29's or two 38's, I am not sure. What do you think. Is the price to much? Also, we are planning on selling FlisKits in the near future. I am on a limited budget, so I will not get that many kits at first. What are your favorite FlisKits? I will probably stock about 5 or six types at first. What type of scratch low power kits would you like to see? I have designed one that can break mach relatively small engines. All of our kits will ship within a week. The reason for this is because we are on such a low budget, we cannot afford to stock the parts. Is this ok?