Site pops up google virus web page, anyone else?

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Dec 30, 2015
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Las Vegas
This site has thrown about 10 of those virus scan google click here trojans, hijack lock up your phone web page.

On my note5, for sale section crawling with bots.

Anyone else?
So far, when I use forum App, I'm not getting anything like that. Can you try clearing cookies and cache on the app on your phone?

System, apps, Rocketry Forum, and then clear.
Been getting the same on my iPad for a couple days, I have safari asking to allow each and everyone of the popups
Sounds like one or more of the site's ad servers has been compromised and is spewing bad ads/malware.

This would be something for the site admins to report.
My desktop via Chrome and my mobile(old LG) have been telling me off & on that this site isn't secure. I think there was a thread about this. BTW I only read what interests me here though.
On a PC with latest Firefox and a popup blocker the blocker is reporting blocked popups on this site today. Other than a couple websites where I clicked to bring up a photo or a message window, here on Rocketry Forum is the only place with popups being blocked.
If you use ad blocking software it prevents all that. But site owners will say they need the ad revenue to keep the site going. It then becomes a battle between folks who just want to browse the web without risk of malware, etc., and site owners who need to serve ads. No hobby website is worth risking compromising a device and all the grief that entails. And admins using the app when clearly the users complaining are using browsers indicates a disconnect between the two.

The bottom line is bad ads drive users away or to use ad blockers. For now I use an ad blocker (on iOS and on Macs and PCs) and Ghostery (on Macs and PCs) to protect against bad ads and webpages. But that’s not sustainable in the long run as websites lose out on revenue.

It’s really a Google issue since they sell the vast majority of ads. But until they fix it we are all at risk.

Do you have any of the ads that seem to be the ones causing it. I can see about getting those turned off of the rotation in Google.
The bottom line is bad ads drive users away or to use ad blockers.
And then there's my situation: without ad blockers, script blockers, and GIF blockers, Especially GIF blockers, the web would be unusable to me thanks to the effects of autism. Those effects also cause me to not be able to watch TV and movies.
Have to cut down on amount of stuff on the screen, amount of movement, amount of noise, amount of changing light.
And I don't know where there is, or can even be, a middle ground between my needs and the need for income from advertising. Sounds a bit like irreconcilable differences.