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Jan 18, 2009
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Well. it is Dave's Birthday, and he is feeling generous! Since the last special (The Mars Lander/Outlander refit decal sheet) was so well accepted by TRF'ers last time, we have decided to offer another special this weekend in honor of the old/young man who has had problems calculating just how old he really is!

BobH48 has said about our last special..."I got my set of decals today.

They look great. Now I just have to wait for the Outlander that I ordered. "

Bob, I want to see pics of the Outlander when you are done!

We have another decal sheet on special, just finished, on sale in a special TRF deal this time....

These decals are top-notch, thin, crisp, and crunchy, and for my B-day, I am offering a real deal for this weekend only...

Don't need an Outlander for these particular sheets, just any kit you want to dress up! Since it was the "bring something on your birthday for everyone to share" thing at work (the real job) today, we even brought in treats for everyone, and once we got home (after a short day) we are feeling very generous right now.

These decals are our birthday snack offer to our friends at TRF for this weekend only, and are being offered at cost for this weekend only! EXTREMELY crisp and super-thin decals to dress up whatever project you work on! This is a general decal sheet of miscellaneous bolts, plates, hatches, placards and danger signs, etc., that are like those general decal sheets of old you could not afford, but wanted to dress up your model! And special useful bonus items will be included with every order where you can guess my weight, (just kidding I do not even know what that is...I really avoid the scale!) no, not weight, but age as of this birthday in the comments section on the order form!

Normally $6.50, this full 8-1/2" x 11" sheet is being offered via a special link, not at the regular price of $6.50 (there is a lot of real estate on this sheet) but at cost of 4.95, plus bonus gifts if you guess the age of old/young Dave in the "comments" section of the order form. If you need visual clues, search through

and guess the age using whatever clues you can find whether it be by grey hairs, balding, or just a really silly looking guy. Somewhere in that site are also pictures of the prototype of the next kit that Sirius will release shortly in a mid-power edition! And that news will be coming soon!

If this is too humorous, pardon us, but we do like to inject a little bit of humor/and/or/fun into our website, and not take things too siriusly! Flames, questions, and all that will be ignored, this is just a three-beer special offer! (LOL!)

This offer is good August 20th, (the B-day) as well as the weekend, the 21st and 22nd. This weekend only! Done sometime Sunday night. Have I/we babbled enough?

The special link once again to TRF'ers, is here at : for the special, and this is a special website just for this offer. Our normal fare can be found at

Have fun guessing, and all orders wil be shipped on Monday, because I took the day off to celebrate my 125th birthday (LOL)

Siriusly (not)

Happy B-Day Dave!
We'll do a little celebating at the launch tomorrow. Have a great day!
Sandman, you are always right in there! You were not on as far as the age went, but I will take your estimate above everyone else's! , but if you do not give the clue, we'll throw the bonus in anyway! Thanks for being the first on our sheets two times in a row, and we are glad you enjoy the stuff! I may need some cones soon, so hang in there and I want that LJ2 kit!!!!!! When will it be ready????? I have been admiring that kit for AGES!!!!!!!

Originally posted by sandman
I ordered mine already!

Originally posted by Stones
Happy B-Day Dave!
We'll do a little celebating at the launch tomorrow. Have a great day!


Gonna bring a box full o parts for you tomorrow.

Is the rest of the crowd coming along?

We'll launch the proto of the new kit tomorrow. Who is all coming?