Sirius Cestris?

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Jan 25, 2009
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I saw the Sirius Cestris this afternoon and thought the retro Moon Base Alpha nose cone and the opportunity for multiple engines would be pretty neat.

Anyone built one? I have heard the kits need a special kind of glue?

I've built Dave Miller's Cestris and it is indeed a great kit. You can build the vac-u-form nose with CA but the best is a liquid plastics glue like Tenax 7, Testors or Pro-Weld.

The model flies great. I don't know any better way to put it. The styling is awesome and it's a really easy build.

I had an interesting thing happen to mine. I was flying at FooseFest III and at ejection, one of those famous Estes "shotgun" ejections, it separated the nose and chute from the body and blew the motor mount out the back. The nose floated about 400 yards away but the body glided down to the ground. It cracked the wing on landing. I found the MMT as well so it will fly again!
I had a great time building this rocket and the Interrogator. Fun builds and they fly great. Highly recommended. :)
Here now 4 years later, just ordered one, and their aftermarket assorted decals, direct from Sirius for cyber Monday.
Think it is the first model rocket by Sirius that I will have; ordered other things from them but not one of their own rockets yet.
WOW! What a surprise to see I started this thread over 4 years ago and it reappears out of nowhere today!

Since my original question was posted, we have gotten to know David, Evie and Sirius, as great people and a wonderful supplier for all kinds of rocketry items. We've purchased many items from Sirius in the last 4 years and have always gotten great parts and customer service!