Sir Roger Moore Passes

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I know he wasn't everyone's favorite Bond; I liked him and A View to a Kill was one of my favorites growing up (Christopher Walken and Roger Moore together - who couldn't enjoy that). And the guy was classy both on and off screen. I thought it was funny when he showed up in Cannonball Run. He had no problem poking fun at the movie persona that had been created around him.

He'll be missed
He was a good Bond, but not my favorite. I'm gonna go against the grain here and say that Pierce Brosnan was my favorite, closely followed by George Lazenby. Then Sean Connery. Then Roger Moore. And there's one not even deserving of mention, but his initials are Timothy Dalton... OK, maybe it was just his movies that stunk... But still :puke:
I've liked them all but Daniel Craig takes the cake from my perspective. He is definitely the most bad*** of them all.

Moore was definitely very suave.

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Note the Walther PPK
IMO all the various Bonds did an excellent job,however the later Moore and Dalton movies suffered more from bad writing/editing/plots than poor acting.
I loved it when Roger Moore turned out to be Clouseau after plastic surgery in the last Pink Panther movie.