Single Threaded Rod for avbay?

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Jun 18, 2014
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Windsor, Ontario
I'm building a 3" Darkstar and am starting to work on the avbay. I've got Stainless Steel U Bolts from OneBadHawk to put on each end of the avbay. Is a single threaded rod down the center adequate to hold this avbay together? The 1/4" rod I have from McMaster-Carr has a tensile strength of 50,000 psi.

thanks - mark
Oh, my gosh! You needed 50,001 PSI! This won't do!

Just kidding. That's fine. You can get some aluminum or brass tubing from Hobby Lobby. Put a nylon-insert nut on one end, and use a wing nut on the other end. You may want to rig up a little something to stop the sled from spinning, especially if you are using an altimeter with an accelerometer.
Yes. You also may consider a couple eye nuts instead of the u bolts.
Just avoid it in small rockets:

I should've done two 6-32 all-thread with the Go-Devil 38 conventionally like Jim points out.

Eyenuts one might consider removable thread-locker, locking washer and a swivel to prevent it from unscrewing. Don't laugh, I've witnessed an apogee harness that was attached to a motor forward closure eyebolt unscrew and the aft fincan section do a death dive. Not unheard of. Kurt
Your U-bolts are probably over-kill compared to the all-thread. My goal is to always have the soft, cheap stuff break before the electronics get scattered to the wind. When your Kevlar harness and massive U-bolts tear your wimpy all-thread in two, the expensive, sparky bits can get out of the protective cylinder-shaped box and fall to their death - screaming all the way. Just make sure that the laundries are going to stay attached to the heavy/pointy stuff at either end.

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