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Single black Unistrut rail button.

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Rocketeer in MD
Dec 5, 2013
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For my Formula 200 rebuild, I need one black Unistrut rail button. One survived the cato, so I don't need a set. If you have one lying around, I'd offer $6 plus economy shipping for it.
Hey Bat! I’ll probably (depending on flying weather) be seeing Ken from PH in NC on Sunday. He’s bringing unistruts for me, I’ll pick you up one and drop it in the mail or bring it next week. No promises, but I expect to be going to see him. I did confirm he has them in stock. If anyone offers you one before I commit to going I would take that. Will email you tomorrow after weather is confirmed good.

If Danny doesn't come through, send me your address and I'll mail you one on the house.
Weather is looking great! Barring unforeseen I’ll be flying to meet Ken (and his trailer of goodies) tomorrow. Need anything else let me know. And email me if you want me to mail it to you or bring on Saturday with this giant decal I have for you. So you gonna fly it Saturday or what?
No need, everyone, but thanks! Tom C. has one for me.

No, not flying it Saturday. It's for the rebuild.