Simple things that are now frowned upon (in the Covid era)

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dr wogz

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Feb 5, 2009
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Land of Poutine!
Ahh, these days.. it used to be 'being politically correct'. Now its the mundane things you kinda don't think about that people now frown upon..

I'm 'photo sensitive': I sneeze as soon as I step outside, or see a really bright light. So, walking the dog, I step outside, and within a minute or two, I let out a sneeze. The others out walking then give me a dirty look. "Oops,sorry!! NOT Covid!!"

The wife has a tickle in her throat; the wine didn't go down quite right, a sesame seed is just so in her mouth, or a little spit was swallowed wrong. And now she's paranoid about coughing outside the house! "Oops,sorry!! NOT Covid!!"

Shopping at the grocery store. You pickup a can of corn (or whatever). It's dented, you didn't see the dent. Do you put it back & take another? Do you hide it? Drop it off in the bakery department? Or just keep it, and take another.. (I have a dented can of beer because i felt bad putting back)

A neighbour is home, and is an exceptionally good baker, so she bakes & bakes & bakes (what else is there to do!). She then starts to give out her treats to the neighbours.. I'll assume it's not contaminated!

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Sep 17, 2013
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This is the end result of people allowing the news sources and politicians to run their lives. It's also why I don't listen to it at all and feel much better for it.