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May 8, 2012
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Southern Calif
I never used this product before and I was wondering how does it compare to Aero gloss Sanding Sealer.

Does it sand easier?

What's the difference in how its applied?

Does SIG make a balsa filler primer like Aero gloss or is it even necessary to use a balsa filler coat?

Also what other places sell this online. I just Goggled it and came up with this site.

Thanks for the input.
SCIGS30 has been writing about the different sealers for a while, and likes the Brodak much better than the SIG, for what it's worth. Here's a thread where he used the Brodak:

I cannot at the moment isolate the threads where he discussed his disappointing experience with SIG; I think they're on YORF.

I think I have the last few jars of the Aero gloss sanding sealer, just need to pick up some balsa filler primer. IDK? Maybe I should stick with something I'm familiar with? I have no issues using aero gloss. For me the secret with brushing it on evenly and let it dry up a day or two before sanding and it turns out great!
I'm on my last jar of AeroGloss, but based on the results of SCIGS30, I ordered a 16 oz. can of Brodak and it's sitting on my workbench to be used as soon as my AG is gone. :wink:
I have been a long time user of Aerogloss balsa sealer and it has changed over the years but still a good product. Midwest has stopped making it so I had to switch to another dope based product. I tried Sig balsa sealer and it was terrible, takes forever to dry, thick and hard to sand. My last few builds I have been using Brodak balsa sealer, you can search my user name to see my builds and results. Brodak sealer dries fast and easier to sand than Aerogloss, also fills grain much better. Here are some pictures of my vintage Estes Honest John and once again I am pleased with Brodak. The balsa nose cone came out perfect, it was old grainy balsa to start with.

DSC_0281 (1024x681).jpg

DSC_0285 (1024x963).jpg