SHX-3 teaser

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Feb 5, 2009
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Here is a pic of the just finished SHX-3. It will be the next kit released.


Awesome!! I want one when they come out. Have you ever seen the real X-3? I got to see it at the Air Force Museum in Ohio several years ago. At that time you could walk right up to it. I actually put my face right up to the canopy. It's one thing to see the real thing hanging in the Smithsonian, it's another to be able to touch history. Of course, if too many of us touch history it'll fall apart.;)
The SHX-3 is about 30" long and is a BT-70 tube. It will take 24mm, D minimum.

This Shrocket features a rear ejecting DynaStar parachute and a heatsink, none or little recovery wadding needed. The nosecone is permanently attached, the rocket comes down in one great looking piece, the high-impact plastic nosecone touching first. The heatsink is easy to replace after a number of launches too. This one is a real advance in mid-power rocket design.