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Jun 18, 2003
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On the way home from Seaworld this weekend, I stopped by the KSC real quick (I only had 30 minutes before it closed) While I was at the gift shop I noticed a picture of the shuttle on its way out to the pad. Now at home, I have done some research on the Crawler/Transporter. I have a question for all you KSC experts (I think I know the answer, I just want more info)

The Crawler/Transporter and the Mobile Launcher Platform are two different things right? The shuttle is assembled (mated with the External Tank) on the Mobile Launcher Platform and then the Crawler/Transporter picks up the Mobile Launcher Platform and takes it to the launch pad right?

I think all the pics I have seen are actually the Crawler/Transporter and the Mobile Launcher Platform together. Does anyone have any pics of them separate?

This site has some photos of the crawler/transporter as
well as the launch platforms for the Saturn program and
the shuttle program too. I don't know if these are the
best images, but it's a start.