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Feb 2, 2009
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Anyone know what's going on with the Shrox line of kits? They had some great-looking stuff out last year. I was going to pick up a few of his kits but it doesn't look like anything's there now.
I recall hearing he has M.S. and certainly hope he's alright. Anyone know what's going on?
He was working with Tim V. at Apogee for a while.

He did all the beautiful artwork on all the newsletters and the new designs.

I have his "Space Shuttle", a truly beautiful kit, but i havened opened it yet.

He had a bad crash on a street luge a while back. He recently started posting again on r.m.r., so maybe he's about ready to jump back into the fray.
I sent an email to him requesting info on the space shuttle kit or even plans, but I never heard back. Hope he is ok after the street luge accident.

The piggyback shuttle that was on EMRR is sweet looking!
I have 3 Shrox kits on the shelf: Star Shuttle, Navajo, and Stilletto. There were others I would have liked to get before his hiatus from kit manufacturing. I think he had a very creative and imaginative line of kits. The latest post I saw on RMR from him, indicated that he was currently working on some mid-power kits to be released soon. I can't wait to see what he's come up with now.
Here is an update from SHROX he posted on RMR this weeekend:

"The new Shrockets will be based on a PNC-70 type nose cone, a scale up
of the PNC-55 I had previously used. The first shipment of cones
should be arriving from the East in a month, then a few weeks of
production after that. Ready by flying season I believe.

And they are sweet...mmm way cool boost glider...oohhhh...donuts...


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