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I know that the site said pre-order available in May...but when are the kits actually available?
Actually, "Coming May 2004!! Pre-order available soon!!"

Models coming on May, pre-order will be available soon.

By the way, this thread was NOT meant to be a vendor announcement, and was originally posted under Mid-Powered Rocketry.


Moderator Edit: Regardless of intent, it IS a vendor announcement.
'The house is surrounded,' said Winston.

'The house is surrounded,' said the voice.

Are you planning on kitting some of the designs you have posted in the Apogee newsletter?

Do you need RockSim files for any of your new (or Apogee newsletter) designs? If so just PM me.

Bruce S. Levison, NAR #69055

Way cool designs!


Thanks for linking (and writing?) the review. Got a good feel for both the build and flight.
I am VERY interested in these, particularly in their mid-power iterations. What sort of dimensions/motor recommendations are we looking at?
Shrox, count me in for the X-3, that thing looks beautiful! What kind of price range are you planning?

Mark Schnell

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