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Sky Pyrate...
Jan 24, 2009
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Alright I've seen just about all the show me threads, but don't remember seeing a UFO one.

So lets see all those Saucers, Pyramids, Cones or whatever.
unique designs, Day or Night launch, kit or homebrew.

Below are just a few of mine, all are for 38mm motors
two have a parachutes.:)

test1 (4).JPG


the bench.JPG
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I won this Saucer in one of the EMRR RockSim design contests. It's an Art Applewhite Delta Flying Saucer for 38mm motors.

The long burn Ellis H48-8 proved to be the perfect 38mm motor in my saucer. I still have it although I haven't flown it since March 2006.

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Here are 2 of mine. Both from TV shows in the '60s.

The Invaders saucer is 24mm, flew 2 times. The second it blew apart on ejection.

The saucer is 7 in in diameter and based on a BT-100



Here's my two cents!
I did a scratch build after I put together the Quest Area 51 re-issue.
It was a great chance to mess with Corel Draw.
There's a little black along the top ring from the C6-0 flights.

Hans "Chris" Michielssen

Saucer top.jpg

Saucer Side.jpg
Well, here's a link to my review of the Art Applewhite Turbo Delta Saucer:

(I'd write more, but JAL always beats me to them... :rolleyes: )

Almost all of my stuff is at the other end of the power and size spectrum from what has been posted so far. They are Micromaxx and 13mm powered. Yeah, that's right, the free stuff. I have some bigger models but I haven't built them yet. I did build a 38mm Cinco, which I have flown once. When I got back into building rockets back in 2004, I didn't have much money, so I built a lot of cardstock rockets. But I would have built Art's stuff anyway, because I was intrigued by his designs. So most of what I have is a few years old. I don't have many pictures of them; after the SB, I'll take some more and post them.

In the meantime, here's a picture of my 38mm Cinco, and one of my Micro Cinco. Also there is a group shot of a few of my micro saucers, with a rogue RTF that snuck in there just as I snapped the shutter. Finally there is a shot of a few of my Micro Qubits. (I guess I had more pictures than I thought, but these still just scratch the surface. ;) )

Mark \\.

Cinco at Johnstown.jpg

Micro Cinco-1.JPG

Micro Saucer group shot-3.jpg

Micro Qubits-2.JPG
Here's my 54mm octagon. This is the smallest of a series of 3. Also have a hexagon with a cluster of 3 54mm MMTs.

Fun & cheap to build and fly.

dlb, love the leds on yours, what kind are those?


love your Saucer too! starting to build one for a 54mm motor mount, perfect to add LED's
, the type I use are 10mm Multi chip High power led, that have a built in Micro that controlls the patterns.
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All hail the Woket and the J90


MY favorite of this genre is Art Applewhite's 3 stage cluster cone. One particularly memorable flight had all the stages land equally spaced in a straight line.

In the Cinco line, I have built the 13mm version and the 38mm version.

Qubits are too numerous to mention.



Picture 017.jpg


Picture 091.jpg
dlb, where do you buy that LED setup? Not being too familiar with them, something complete with Micro would be great.

Night launch coming up later this year and that type of LED setup could be perfect for that.

My Art Applewhite Scimitar:) 29mm :) Flown 3 times..Last on a G53FJ! THAT was an awesome flight!:D
art applewhite's cinco (24mm)

added the 5 stickers 'cos my spanish ain't great;)

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I’ll split these in two replies since 5 pics are not quite enough.

#1 - a Centuri Flying Saucer (built in 1980), my Tri-F-O, a converted small styrofoam bowl, and someone else’s Estes Snitch.
#2 - Drag race of the saucers in the first pic, the foam bowl is already gone.
#3 - Triple Tri-F-O, three-staged. Normal sized one is the orange one in the middle (and in the first two photos). Small one powered by an A3. Lower one powered by a D12.
#4 - Myself prepping it for flight at NSL-99. Photo (and next photo) by Bill Dauphin.
#5 - Boost. It pitched over badly due to the extreme drag, and was horizontal when it staged the D12 to the C6. Fortunately the 3rd stage ignited before it hit the ground. I never tried that again. Even the big black Tri-F-O by itself is too draggy for a D12.





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#6 - Converted Frisbee, with two C6’s Skewed (not just angled) to make it spin. It works, but not as well as the originals that have one engine in the center for upward thrust and a mini-A mounted on the rim to spin it.
#7 - Liftoff shot. It takes the bird 20-30 feet before it starts spinning enough, and in that first 20-30 feet it sometimes veered off at an angle, that is why the original with rim spin motor worked better.
#8 - A cheap vac-formed, wearable, St. Patrick’s Day Derby was converted for D12 power.
#9 - It didn’t fly very straight.... Flew safe, but not very straight.
#10 - Halloween cup. OK ,so a really long tall skinny “saucer”

- George Gassaway





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How well does the halloween cup fly?

Pretty well. Decently straight, particularly compared to other saucers.

The tricky thing is that the engine mount is attached way up front, to make it plenty nose-heavy to be stable. So, attaching the micro clips to the ignitor is harder than for other models.

- George Gassaway
Oh, that's cool. I have a little coin cup from Chuck 'E Cheese's from a while back and I've been trying to find out how to make it fly. Thanks, I forgot about putting the motor forward.
I love all these WOP vechicles, hope to see more!
bowls, cups, hey wheres the pizza boxes?:)

and the scale downs are great( LIS)
1: My adaptation of George's Tri-F-O. During descent, the three legs drop down. Sometimes it even manages to stay the right way up without bouncing after landing.

2: Witch's hat. The motor mount was supposed to rear-eject, then hang by 8 shrouds, using the hat as a crude parachute. 7 out of 8 shrouds snapped, but the 8th held.

3: Pyramid of Dimensional Uncertainty. Clips hold the motor mount and a small pyramid-shaped nose weight in place. With those removed, the main body folds flat as there are hinges inside. This makes it a lot easier to pack into a bag.



Anyone know if there is a site that has plans for odd-rocs? I want to scratch build one with a 38mm mount. I have some G motors I want to burn and I have not had much luck building my own odd-rocs other than spools. Actually, I just need another excuse to fly G69 skids. :D