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Jan 25, 2009
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Whee! I'm only a bit excited about my new 38/240-480 casing set, so I got all of my casings (24, 29, and 38:)) out and took a picture of them, which is attached.

So, if your casings are available, line 'em up and snap a pic!

Mmm....motor casings...:D:D:D

my 29/180-240 casing set, my sister won them on ALRS V at the tombola, but she doesn`t need them so they are mine!!:D
i have the 38/240-480, sweet set. sorry no pic. aerotech casings for the 240 and 360, but DR rocket casing for the 480 and DR rocket closures.
Here is a 29/40-120 and the new 29/120 casing next to a G80.
Here are all my EX cases.
Top to Bottom:
60.5mm 1200 Ns J845
60.5mm 1000 Ns J600 Aerospike
54mm 640 Ns I 350
54mm 2500 Ns K300 Hybrid
29mm 120 Ns G100 Test Motor

Nice, I hope to see more home made casings. After all, the COTS ones can be seen on vendors' sites.
I'm excited about my brand new Pro 38 5 grain case so here's a pic of it with a 3 grain and an 24/40 RMS. the rest of my cases are an hour away in my trailer.
Here is my fledgling collection:


L to R: Loki 38/480 ~ DR 38/360 ~ Loki 38/240 ~ DR 38/240 ~ DR 29/240 ~ AT 29/180 ~ AT 29/40-120

Pending aquisition: Loki 38/720, AT 38/480
Yea, I have a few casings...

Top Row: Dr Rocket 38-240, Scratch 38-220, Dr Rocket 38-360 & 480, Pro38 3 Grain, Dr. Rocket 38-720, Scratch 38-660 and 38-900, Scratch 54-800, Dr Rocket 54-852, 1280 and 1706.

Below: AT 29-180 and 240, (2) AT 29-40/120, (2) AT 24-40 RC, AT 24-40.

The long blue cases are the Ratt Works I80 and K240.
Here's a few of my cases. Back in L.A. I have a full Dr. Rocket 54mm system and a Cesaroni Pro54 system.


The cases pictured are:
Dr. Rocket 29/360
Dr. Rocket 38/360 NARAM 42 (serial number 12 of 20)
Dr. Rocket 38/240
Dr. Rocket 29/60
Aerotech 24/40 (I won it in a raffle at LDRS XX)
here is my case set (I think I am addicted ;) ):
from left to right:

Rouse Tech:


hoping to pick up some Loki cases soon :D
now that the thread is active again... :)

I am older than the thread and older than a lot of others...

I actually took this photo to show the range of motor sizes earlier this year, so please disregard the Estes motors on the right side...
While this is still active, there was a request 14 years ago for more homemade hardware.
AT 38/120 clone before anodizing

and nozzle/forward closure for Loki 54/1200


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I need to come up with a better storage solution. I thought a gun case would work good. But it filled up to fast in the last year. This is the 38mm and 54mm. 24mm and 29mm is in another bin.

Whats your storage? I'm not a huge fan of the tube that CTI come in. But might go back to that and keep them all in a bin.0815181342_HDR.jpg
Whats your storage? I'm not a huge fan of the tube that CTI come in. But might go back to that and keep them all in a bin.View attachment 359783

I don't use any CTI (used to, but decided to stick with just one type). Anyway, since day one with Dr Rocket/Aerotech reloadable cases, the first thing I did was buy 29, 38, and 54 PML phenolic airframe tubing in 36" lengths (made the inner ones a bit shorter to fit), glued a centering ring in the bottom of each tube, and made a cap with a piece of coupler tube, a 1" long piece of airframe, and another centering ring. They all fit into each other and protect the casings from damage and dust. I keep the closures, seals, and other things in a parts case (Stanley, HarborFreight). I have two storage tubes (29/38/54 each) that hold all my motor cases (I probably need to add one more 29/38mm case for some spares I have now). I can grab one tube or both and have all the cases with me protected.
98 mm and a couple 75s
98 Cases 3.jpg
L to R, AMW 75/3500, a couple of 98 seal disks (more in motors including a stainless steel one), 75/3840.
Rest are all 98mm AT 15360, 5120 on top of clone 10240, 10240 on top of another 5120, 2 7680, CTI 6GXL, 2 clone 20480 (8 grain size).