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Jan 18, 2009
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Not wanting to hijack the airbrushing thread, I'm starting this one.

What are you guys using for spray booths?

I'm up for building one after all these years and would like to see pictures of what you use.

Here's a pic of mine. You can't see all of it. It's 24W x 48L x 36"H I ripped 2x4s for the legs and frame. covered it with 1/4" luan plywood. There's two large holes in the back to fit 20" x 20" furnace filters. A plenum chamber about 3" wide over the back and a little over the top so the 8" flexible hose will attach and goes to the exhaust fan. That goes out to a vent that has a homemade slide valve type cutoff that I can close to keep the cold air from blowing back in when its turned off. There is a 10" wide hole cut in the top that's covered by a 12" by 48" plastic diffuser panel like what's used in florescent light fixture. A 48" florescent shop lamp is hung above it to provide light inside the booth. I used two small siding panels to close in the front some.

What's nice is I can use it most of the year without the better half complaining about smelling the "stinky" paint. The only problem is on nice days in the spring and fall when the wind is right, the fumes blow outside and the wind puts them back into the open windows.

If anyone is really interested, I could take a few more pics and post them.

Finishing is my weakest area. I came up with my booth not be be an artist, but to be able to paint in the garage and not get spray on Uncle Loui's car.

I bought a fan motor from Grainger and built a plywood cabinet. The exhaust is ducted through some platic light grill and an AC filter at the bottom and goes out the garage where it can help kill the weeds.

Its not pretty but it works for me.




paint area.jpg

Picture 002.jpg
My super low-tech method - but suits my needs fairly well. The dowel that feeds through the bt has a couple of pieces of medium density foam rubber cut to fit inside the tube so that the rocket will spin when the dowel is turned.

When I use a spray booth, this is it. It belongs to the high school where I volunteer. Most of the time though, I just step outside my back door and spray under the deck.


When we built my shop, I added a couple of rooms inside. I use a 12' X 8' room with an evacuation system. For the evac system I cut a hole in the wall down low, and put an air filter in it, then boxed in the other side and use a blower from an old clothes dryer to pull the fumes through the filter and vented it outside.
We moved to a new house (to us) and I had a corner of the basement that was the perfect size for adding a small paint booth. We had a bath cabinet left over from the remodel that was 4' wide and 2' deep. The booth was built it to fit in the space left above it, and that turned out to be 4' wide 2' deep and 5' tall. Part of the height was used to hold the filters and blower. I cut a hole in the brick for a 4" vent that I purchased from Vent Works They have plans and parts to build a small paint booth. (I have no affiliation with Vent Works, I just found their stuff while looking online for paint booth ideas.) I found a Dayton squirrel cage blower on craigslist for 1/3 the price of new, and 20x20 filters on LetGo for free. The wood is the absolute cheapest 1x4's from Home Depot, and one sheet of the cheapest 4x8 plywood. The sides and back are frame and panel construction held together with pocket holes and 2" screws, and lots of glue. The rest was cut to fit scraps of wood. The back has white faced pegboard that I removed from the basement. There are 3, 2' LED light fixtures controlled by a switch, and there is an hour mechanical timer switch for the blower. I also ran an air hose to the basement from the compressor in the garage, and added a combination regulator-moisture trap from Harbor Freight. This will allow me to run an airbrush when I can get around to figuring out the one that I found in Habitat Restore. I have painted a couple of rockets in it so far and the blower will remove the fumes, however for some of the longer drying enamels, it takes two cycles of the timer. I am happy with it so far.


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Fresh air supply to breathe, water trap, exhaust fan in ceiling with filters on opposite wall. Sealed all joints, cannot smell outside of door. 10'x 13'.


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Here's mine. I just do low Power mostly and I just glued Lite Ply Sure-Ply 16"X26" with a bath fan mounted in the back and flex hose that goes out the window and furnace filters in the back. Pretty low cost all available at Home Depot for about $50 totalIMG_2615.JPG IMG_2617.JPG IMG_2615.JPG
My Paint booth:
-Old Habor Freight MC lift, great for working on big rockets, this booster is over 6' long.
- Theres a 30" wide storage shelf running down the center of the shop for tubes, rockets, etc
-I had built a box under the shelf to house led recessed lights to see better.
It's got hooks all around it to easily hang tarps around for an envelope to work.
- In the bottom of that box is a 14×20 filter grille leading to a wooden box with a squirrel cage fan from an ac unit , sealed motor (no sparks in the airstream) vented to the outside.
Yes, the jig allows to rotate the rocket carried by 3/8" bearings. All my rotation jigs utilize 3/8" all-thread.

This is 2 coats of can-spray Dupicolor lacquer primer.
Next up, fill, sand and eventually Dupicolor spray lacquer with a gravity-fed gun. Never sprayed paints on rocket with a gun.20200317_130603.jpeg