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Aug 20, 2003
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Hi all,

Things are very busy over at many of you may have noticed, the new website is growing daily with loads of new stuff for the UK, and more on the way. The Fliskits cluster motor mounts have now arrived by the way, and will be on site shortly.

Anyway, tonights topic is t-shirts!

We've got an absolutely cracking design raring to be unleashed, but before we let it out, we'd like a show of hands as to how many of you would fancy one.

The shirts themselves are Fruit of the Loom "Super Premium"...this is not your cheap throwaway stuff...these are proper heavyweight shirts. The design on the front "pocket area" (can't say t*t on TRF ;-) ) is the logo from the deepsky rocket shop which you can see on the website.

BUT....the design on the back....which I'm not allowed to show you, is TOP SECRET, and will be revealed only once you have purchased said item. It's guaranteed to amuse, and is 100% family friendly with a U certificate. Paul says, and I quote:

"...the back contains a TOP SECRET design that is sure to amuse or your money back. 100 per cent suitable for family outings, mother in law birthday parties, visiting the head teacher/psychiatrist/parole officer/etc."

Only one person outside of Castle Deepsky has seen the design...your very own arthur dent...and I'm sure he'll be along soon to back us up on this!

Shirts are black, it's a two colour professionally screen printed design, and they'll be £15 a chuck. Available in all popular sizes, from small to Paul, and probably the best £15 you'll spend on your wardrobe this year!!

I can personally recommend the shirts...they are being done by the same guy who does our mower racing club t-shirts...and mine have been through the wash countless times, and the design still looks as clear as it was on day one...and that's not even doing the right thing and washing it inside out!

So, fashion conscious rocketeers...there you's the new's so this's the deepskyrocketshop t-shirt!!

After a sales pitch like that, you'd feel guilty if you didn't buy one!

Let us know!

You really do know how to sell stuff, dont you Andy :D From the moment you mentioned TOP SECRET, you had me hooked!

Two words: YES PLEASE!!!! :D:D:D:D

Yes it's true,i have seen this T-shirt and i guarantee that anyone who buys one will not be disappointed.They are very cool:cool: and the 'top secret' aspect will become very clear if you get one.This is definitely the T-shirt to be seen in at all your launches this year :D :cool: :D you can put me down for one Andy
If we can get some in the US without paying an arm and a leg for the shipping, you can count me in as well.

If the shirts are ready by the middle of April you can ship mine to my sister in London.

She can throw it into her carry-on bag.

Hi Sandman,

No problem.....Yanks, Latvians, Kiwis.....we'll ship them anywhere!

Paul is getting a quote for shipping....or it's on his list at any rate...things like t-shirts can usually go at letter rate with the Post Office, which is only a few quid to the it shouldn't be a problem at all.

We'll keep you posted!

All the best from the UK,

Hi all,

A grand total of four of your Earth pounds will get a t-shirt to the States...and the home crowd can get one for two of the same...unless they want other stuff in the same order of course!

Hope this helps...and we'll keep you posted on progress. Our printer guy reckons about two weeks for the turnaround.

All the best from the UK,

Yeah, put me down for one. Do we get to see whats on the back before we buy?
Hi Mike,

No you don't! It's highly hush hush...for reasons you'll appreciate when you see the shirt! Rest assured it's not sexist, racist, or anything other than entertaining! See earlier posts for the low down.

From the top security deepsky dungeon design department,

OK, how do I order one?

It's not listed on your website.

Hi Sandman,

The shirts haven't actually been made I said in my original post, we wanted to gauge reaction before we coughed up the readies for them!

I've given the printer the green light tonight...and he said a two week turnaround should be realistic.

So, best thing to do is to email the shop (via the website or directly to [email protected]) and let Paul know your requirements...then as soon as the shirts come in, he can get you sorted out.

Hope that's okay!

All the best,

The t-shirts are now in stock, and look superb!

Selling fast, so move quick if you want a "First edition" We'll probably end up having another production run done pretty soon, so don't worry if you miss out this time.

They're at and you need to go to the "Deepsky Apparel" section on the shop menu.

£16.99 INCLUDING postage for UK orders...a bit more for overseas orders, but you'll get an extra freebie chucked in as well!

All the best for now,