Shout out to Eggtimer for GREAT customer service

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Mar 13, 2010
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I want to publicly commend Cris Erving for taking care of some recent woes I have been having with a Quantum flight computer. I have two Quantums, one works great and has flown 3 times (all perfectly), the other one, well, has been problematic. Cris stepped in and assisted on two separate occasions to make things right. The second time, he diagnosed the problem (faulty assembly by a third party) and is sending me the unit back in working order. I am especially appreciative since he took care of me quickly and professionally. Our hobby remains strong, engaging, and fun when our vendors provide innovative products and great service.
+2, From sending an email to having my Egg finder mini in my hands was 4 day. Great customer service. Now I get to put this great kit together .

Thanks Cris
He was back forth during the day yesterday with me on e-mails and sending pictures to help me get my Egg Finder LCD working that I screwed up, I'm not very electronically inclined and his pictures, instructions, and most of all his patience was outstanding. He stuck with me till 11:30 that night when I finally got it all done and working. Absolutely great products and backed up by great support from Cris.