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Mar 18, 2009
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I was wondering if anyone has experience using shellac when building rockets? I have seen some things that suggest it can be used in gap staging, to strengthen Kraft paper tubes, and as a primer.
zinzer makes a shellac primer (can and spray)
and other brands as well
they are usually labeled as "stain killer"

I Imagine it would make a good primer,not sure about the heat properties tho
Not a good choice for rockets.
Shellac is an indoor product. Very yellow by nature and over time curls back on itself forming tiny balls or knots giving the object a rough almost stuccoed look. Mostly used on OLD furnature. Any Varnish would be a better choice, Polyurethane clear even better.
Both shellac and varnish are Pine tar products, I understand there are now a few synthetic versions but have no experence with those at all.
Hope this helps