she LOVES me!!!!!!

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May 2, 2009
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my WIFE!

how do i know this?
well...she just told me that she's going to WalMart and asked what rocketry stuff i needed from there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i gave her the cel phone and told her to call me from the store.
for 4.79, i'm gonna have her stock up on 18mm motors!


i almost tested my luck by giving her my discount card for hobbytownUSA...i burned a pretty big hole in my relaod supply yesterday...
Mine's not quite that aggressive in her support of my addiction, but she's pretty good nonetheless. She comes to visit me while I'm working on rockets and asks how they are coming along, and actually pays attention when I'm showing her my progress.

She's even hinted that she's going to get me a workbench for my birthday later this summer!

My girlfriend, when brought into the basement, pulled the "wow, thats cool" in such a way that suggests she doesn't want to hear about it again;)

Neither active support nor criticism, she's still a keeper:)
Originally posted by radiO
do they really have rocket stuff at walmart?

It depends on the Wal-Mart.

At mine, you'll find a small variety of Estes stuff:
- Several different RTF starter sets
- Several kits (repackaged as the "Launchables" line, but they're pretty much standard Estes kits: Baby Bertha, Fat Boy, #2 SkyWriter, etc.)
- A variety of A-C engines in 3-packs

But, as has been pointed out in other threads, it varies. If rockets don't sell well at a particular Wal-Mart, they'll stop carrying them there.
$4.79!? We get em for $4 even around here....:D :D

Thats pretty nice of her! So how many motors DID you get out of this? :D ;)
Originally posted by Micromister
She's a keeper;D

Hmmm....gotta be a Stepford. Check her back for batteries. Don't forget to put her on the charger when she gets home.:D
yeah my GF likes rockets, its awesome. she is interested, not too interested but she likes it which is so cool
2 packs A8-3
1 pack B4-4
2 packs C6-5
1-Snapshot RTF

maybe i should have wondered when she said her name was Susan 15?

My girlfriend isn't into the hobby as much as I am but she thinks the rockets are really cool and we are building the Quest Icarus together. I took her to her first rocket launch in Manchester, TN in March and she LOVED it! :D She would always get scared if it was a D motor or higher and she would plug her ears (I tried getting her to just listen to it but she still enjoied it). When I flew one of my scratchbuilt rockets on a G64 she thought it was the coolest thing ever. She liked everything that was there. She it DEFINATLY a keeper (not just because she likes rocket but because she is the best girlfriend I could ask for)!