Shatner "doing" Rocket Man

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Speaking on behalf of the younger age of rocketry on this forum i can safely say thank god he isn't a lawer defending rocketry in the course or we'd all be doomed :p

i think stoui's version on family guy was much better;)
Originally posted by cls
here's a link to a "fascinating" video from 1978, of William Shatner's version of "Rocket Man".

Fascinating? Nostalgic period piece? Appalling? Or worse? You decide!

Would the Moderators please remove this thread or put a large notice on it stating "Not to be watched by those of a nervous disposition"

I don't know what to do first ... have a strong drink or just run up the road screaming. I certainly won't be able to sleep tonight after that.

:D :D :D
That was not all that bad. Shatner did the same thing on SNL about the same time. I laughed my head off.
don't know if there is any record of that one around….
As only Shatner can do it!

"Damnit Jim! He's an actor, not a singer!" :D