Sharpie pens in COLOR!

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Jan 17, 2009
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With the coming school year it's time to pick up school (modelling) supplies.

One of the neatest new items are the new Sharpie pens available in multiple colors.

Black (of course), red, blue, green, yellow, orange brown, purple, aqua, lime, berry turquoise, olive, navy, burgundy, marigold, plum as well as metallic silver, gold and copper.

Gotta keep a set in the range box and one on the bench for touch ups and accents.

Great on paper models (Saturn 1B and Micro Maxx) as well as something different for those Edmond's glider that you don't paint but need "something'.
I tried the silver on my Maverick cockpit lines , I masked off the lines with tape, and it worked out real well,the next day I sprayed the rocket with krylon clear and had no reactions with the ink.I plan on using them more often!
FYI: Sharpies are a good way to 'touch up' a finished rocket that has some scrapes.... esp on the decals.