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For Sale Shadow Aero Raven

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Oct 30, 2021
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Shadow Aero Raven Dual Deployment kit. I'm not sure which generation the kit is. Includes an extra nose cone. I can't vouch for the epoxy, it's been sitting for a long time. $495 plus shipping. I'm open to offers and I'm happy to take any additional pics.

I also have a Kosdon 38-1116 case and closures plus a J-530 reload and a J-975 reload. The case has two minor dings in the end (see pic). $250, local pickup in southeast Michigan only.


  • Shadow Aero Raven.jpg
    Shadow Aero Raven.jpg
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  • 01 Kosdon J1500 Case.jpg
    01 Kosdon J1500 Case.jpg
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  • 02 Kosdon J1500 Case End.jpg
    02 Kosdon J1500 Case End.jpg
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  • 03 Kosdon Reloads.jpg
    03 Kosdon Reloads.jpg
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