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Jan 18, 2016
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St. Louis, MO
Has anyone tried this in their larger models? Seems perfect for attach to my bridles that are epoxied to motor mounts without having to add another quick link.


Breaking strength is 23 kN.
That is pretty sweet. Any idea of the cost?

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Petzel stuff isn't cheap...and it's funny how they decided to demo that with a carabiner, which wouldn't require you to open the swivel and nearly lose the spacer a couple of times...
I have seen similar designs in the local logging store, but without the removable bar. I think they were priced in the $20 to $ 30 price range and too heavy for my rockets. I guess they would work OK for HP birds. They did tell me that they could order smaller ones for me, but they carry only the bigger ones for loggers and fisherman.
Could use these for a previously installed harness:

With the real breaking strength being 5-10x higher than the WLL they list you could get out for under $5 for most birds. I bought one with a previous eye-bolts and quick links order just to check it out, and they are nicely made. I will probably use it at some point, an d just put some red thread lock on to be extra careful.

There is a double jaw version too. Then you need no quick links:
Here is a 30kN ball bearing swivel for $18. Amazon This would fall between the 5/8 and 3/4 swivels of the previous poster. I use a similar one on the fin can of my L3 bird. Not as sexy as the OP's, but....

Just do a Google on "climbing swivel"
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Petzl Swivel Open, $85.

5200# breaking strength, no idea on eye diameter or total weight of assembly.

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Am here at work, cant see the video, so I type Sexy Swivel in Amazon and it starts to show stuff that is NSFW. hahaha... live and learn, now to see if IT comes to ask about my browser history. :facepalm:
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Anything Petzl is first class and typically very light for climbers. I have owned several Petzl items over the years but $85 for a
Swivel is pretty proud yikes

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